SwannSmart Video Security Wi-Fi Network Camera Review


Reviewed by David Savage

Home security is a big concern for everybody but what do you do while you are away from home, at work or on holiday? Or maybe you just want to check the kids have got home from school on time? You can buy better door and window locks and alarm systems and even CCTV but what about a video camera that will send alerts to your mobile phone when motion is detected so you can see exactly what is going on as it happens, with the SwannSmart Wi-Fi Network Camera you can do just that.

On receiving the SwannSmart Video Security Wi-Fi Network Camera with Secure Cloud Storage (model number; SWADS-450IPC) I couldn’t wait to set it up and see how good it was.

On opening the box I found a white camera, wall mounting bracket/stand, AC adapter, Ethernet cable, 4x theft deterrent stickers and operating instructions.

Setup was straightforward, easy and only took a few minutes. I started by fixing the camera to the mounting base (which can be used as a standalone base to stand on a flat surface or can be screwed to the wall or ceiling as a more permanent fixture). I then plugged the camera into the Ethernet port on my Wi-Fi router using the supplied Ethernet cable (this is required for the initial set up and can be removed after if you prefer to use the camera via Wi-Fi). I then downloaded by SwannSmart app on my phone and registered an account on www.swannsmart.com. I was now ready to configure the camera for use with my Wi-Fi and internet connection. There is a switch on the back of the camera that has to be switched to the ON position to configure. Once this was done I selected the camera from my Wi-Fi settings and connected my phone to the camera. I then ran the app on my phone which took me through some very simple questions to configure and when finished pushed the switch on the back on the camera to the OFF position. The camera was now configured to work with my internet connection and Wi-Fi router so I can now access the camera on my phone from anywhere I can get an internet signal.

Once putting my user name and password from the account I set up on the Swann website I got to a screen with the camera name on (if you have more than 1 camera you would see them all listed here). I just pressed the name of the camera I wanted to access and then an image of the door the camera was pointing at filled the screen. Once the image is being displayed you have 3 options you can use; take a photo, recorded video or turn on sound so you can hear what is going on. The images/sound recordings will be stored on your phone unless you subscribe to Secure Cloud Storage (there is a charge for this after the free trial).

Now for the cool part. I had the camera pointed at my back door, which is a frosted glass panel and once someone walked past the camera detected the motion and sent a vibration alert to my phone. I could then access the app and see what was happening and if need be take a photo or video recording so you have full control of what is recorded. And better still it even works at night.


Overall the SwannSmart security camera is a great little device. It can detect motion from up to 12 feet in daylight or low light with the infrared nightvision. If is also equipped with a microphone so you can hear what is being said. A great security camera for keeping an eye on your home or just to keep an eye on the kids, pets or elderly relatives.

Setting up is easy and hassle free and as long as your internet connection is working you can access the camera from anywhere in the world just using your mobile phone. You can even login to www.swannsmart.com and view the camera online through your computer. It has video size of 640×480 making the picture clear enough to see exactly what is happening.

Highly recommend as a security or home monitoring device.

Subscription is required for secure cloud storage and push notifications to mobile phone for motion detection.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £59.99

For more information visit www.swann.com. Available to buy from Amazon here.


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