Surviving Bank Holiday Shopping Trips

The bank holiday season is about to start, which for many families means chores and DIY. The long weekend is the perfect time to tick things off the list, like buying a new car, trips to IKEA or looking for a new bathroom. You get to do the jobs without feeling like you’re wasting the whole weekend, and often take advantage of bank holiday discounts too.

While this will sound great to you, for kids, there’s nothing worse than being dragged around from store to store. So how can you make it more fun for the whole family? Here are some tips for surviving bank holiday shopping trips.

Don’t let it take over the whole weekend

It’s easy for the whole bank holiday weekend to turn into three days of chores, which can soon become boring for everyone involved. Make a plan for the weekend and stick to it. That means setting aside just one day, or even a morning to do what you need to get done. Start early, so you’re able to get there for when the shops open, and whizz through things as quick as you can. That way you can enjoy other activities and relax for the rest of the weekend.

Get the kids excited

Choosing a new kitchen might be exciting for you, but unless it blows bubbles or is made of chocolate, your kids will find it hard to muster some enthusiasm! So try helping them feel like a part of the process! Buying a car at Ron Skinner and Sons can be fun, especially if you can plan a special trip in your new car once it’s yours! Ask them for their opinion and different questions, it will keep them interested and make them feel like their opinion matters.

Keep your visits short

Wandering around for seemingly hours will soon lead to some grumpy kids. Set a time limit for your visits – it will help make your day more efficient and make sure you keep on track. Break up your trip with coffee stops and a spot of lunch, you’ll help keep the kids fed and happy, and it will keep you going too!

Make a day of it

A day tackling your chores list deserves to be rewarded, so why not make a day of it and combine your trip with some family activities too? Take a look at some things you can do with kids that you can do once the boring parts are over. Bowling alleys, activity centres and cinemas are often found in retail parks, so it’ll be easy to move from one thing to the other after the shopping is over!

A bank holiday weekend is welcome for everyone, so while getting things done might feel like a priority, remember the kids need a break too. Find a balance and combine fun things to do at the weekend with the things that need to be done so that everyone can have the weekend break they deserve.

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