4 Essentials For A Perfect UK Summer Road Trip

There’s nothing quite like a summer road trip. The days are long, the roads are inviting, and the natural scenery is always at its most beautiful. If you’re thinking ahead to the summer months and planning a UK road trip, you can be confident that a truly incredible experience awaits you every time; whether you’re planning to experience the amazing coast of Cornwall, or drive through the stunning Peak District, you’re in for a treat.

In order to help you make the most of your summer road trip plans, below, we’ve put together a few tips you may want to keep in mind.

#1 – Make sure your vehicle is in the best possible condition

If you’re heading on a long road trip, then you need to be sure that your vehicle will be able to handle the long hours on the road. It’s therefore worth scheduling a service prior to your trip, just to ensure that all is working exactly as it should be. Alternatively, if your existing vehicle is reaching the end of its life, you might want to consider an upgrade before you take to the roads; the likes of LMC are able to provide a range of used cars and financing options that you may find are compatible with your budget.

#2 – Select your road trip day carefully

Most people planning a road trip will likely know that avoiding the weekends is the best way to ensure clearer roads, but it’s also helpful to be selective when it comes to which weekday you choose to travel on. Wherever possible, try to plan your trip for the middle of the week – Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday – as commuter traffic tends to be heavier on Mondays and Fridays, which means your trip could be substantially delayed, especially if your route involves motorway driving.

#3 – Note accommodation options

Even if you intend to take a single-day road trip, it’s best to note hotel and B&B options in and around the area you are intending to drive. Driving is surprisingly tiring, and there’s always a chance that your intended progress will be delayed due to unexpected heavy traffic, so having an idea of where you can stay if you choose to do so is always beneficial.

#4 – Learn more about the road you will be driving

The most famous driving roads in the UK are known for their spectacular scenery, but such roads tend to be rather tricky to drive. For example, Hardknott Pass in the Lake District is usually considered to be one of the best roads in the entire country, but it’s extremely technically challenging due to the narrowness of the road and the frequency of hairpin bends. It’s therefore best to research your chosen road before setting out, so you know exactly what to expect, and which stretches of your route may require a little more concentration.

In conclusion

Following the tips above should help to ensure that your summer road trip is as perfect as it can possibly be – enjoy!

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