Make Your Own Trunki Review


Reviewed by Nia Lock

I have three small children and as we frequently take short trips. I find myself packing and unpacking weekend bags with alarming regularity. Trunki is a child size ride on suitcase which I thought would be ideal for my tiny travellers. My children always enjoy the process of packing much more than I do so the arrival of the Trunki in our house was the cause of much excitement!

I’d ordered our Trunki using the customiser tool on the Trunki website which gives you a billion possible outcomes for the finished product as you can choose the colour of 10 different parts of the Trunki, including the body, nose, horns, strap, handles, wheels and even hubcaps! It did take us several attempts to design our Trunki because we just couldn’t pick our favourite combination, It is very easy to use and as soon as you click on the new colour it’s visible on the screen and we just kept falling in love. Luckily they didn’t spot the amazing flamingo and unicorn Trunki’s. Anyway, our final FINAL choice took just over a week to be built and arrived with its own birth certificate. As soon as I took it out of the box my daughter announced that she was a girl and immediately named her Trunkwich.

Trunki is made in the UK and is hand luggage approved, I’m really looking forward to taking her on a plane because I think the wheels would run really well on the airport floors. My two little girls have really enjoyed riding Trunkwich themselves but it’s also nice to have the option to tow them along which I’m sure would add to the excitement of the trip. There are handy teddy seatbelts inside which are also good for holding down clothes.  There’s a pocket which contained the shoulder strap on arrival, but is now conveniently stuffed with hair clips and a duck. Apparently, it’s perfect for that!

The Trunki has a volume of 18 litres which is just the right size for a toddler weekend trip, it’s also the perfect size to transport dollies around the house and is useful for riding to the table at mealtimes. Trunkwich has turned out not only to be a useful mini suitcase, but to be a super toy for imaginative play.  She’s been invited to picnics (apparently, she likes cheese), been transformed into a sailing ship, I’ve met Trunkwich the donkey, she’s been a shell containing a mermaid, and she’s also been left supervising a small colony of penguins. The possibilities are endless. This is an adorable little suitcase but for now she’s staying downstairs as a toy.

Rating: 5/5 

RRP: from £44.99

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