Super Rabbit by Stephanie Blake Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Simon is a rabbit. Or, as he believes, Super Rabbit! He even has his own superhero uniform, complete with mask and cape! One day when off fighting supervillains he jumps into a hollowed out tree and gets a painful shock. One of the supervillains has attacked him with a sword! (at least in his mind, in reality he has a splinter from the tree).

After running home yelling for his mummy, she removes the offending “sword” leaving Super Rabbit to go off again to find more fun and adventure hunting and fighting supervillains.

Super Rabbit is a delightful short story of a rabbit with a very large imagination, extreme self-belief in himself, his vulnerabilities and overcoming fear.

This books show the imagination of a young rabbit and the fun and dangers of exploring and adventures, his adventurous side explores the unknown dark hollow of a tree. The book also shows how he loses his bravery and shows his vulnerability by running home to mummy and to overcome fear and pain of having the splinter removed. All to go off on another adventure, probably to do it all again.

There are not a lot of words in this book so it is the perfect short story for bedtime. The text is quite large and black with some keywords larger and bolder, which introduce younger children to new words and concepts; such as Cold and Dark, Hollow Tree, Villain, Fear and Pain and allow for discussion of these news words into their vocabulary.

Now there may not be a lot of words but it is illustrated with large bold and bright, simply drawn images that accompany the story brilliantly and bring it to life.

A delightful book that has already been read and looked at several times since we received it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10.99 (hardback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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