Summer Holiday at the Waterside Theatre Aylesbury Review

23-27 October 2018

Reviewed by Sarah Bryan

My face literally aches from smiling! What a show! Ray and co are absolutely amazing throughout! A brilliant mix of pure talent.

Summer Holiday the film… Cliff Richard as Don… I discovered this iconic British feel good film in the late 80’s and because hypnotised by it; I must have watched in 100’s of times and pretty much wore the video out! I knew all the words to all the songs and it was my all-time favourite flick. So, to see this musical adaptation on stage was a complete thrill. I had high expectations and it did not disappoint. In fact, it was so good I want to see it again!

The performance was brilliantly portrayed with so much energy and zest and what an uplifting show it was. High paced and vivacious; the stage was awash with a glorious medley of talent.

I know Ray Quinn from many of his TV appearances but tonight he was “Don” to a T. He had the mannerisms, the intonation, and not only is his voice like being enveloped in velvet, his dancing at times was so gracious and beautiful.

Ok and let’s face it, seeing him in his pants on stage went down rather well with the crowd too!

Another great talent was Billy Roberts who played Steve – we were completely blown away by his soulful raspy melodies; what powerful vocals this guy has, and he sings so effortlessly.

Joe Goldie played the part of Edwin and he was absolutely hilarious. Visually he is so supple he is almost elastic, and he uses his body in such an expressive way. He had the audience in stitches and took the character to a whole new level.

Each and every one of the ensemble were so gifted in their field and we were given a showstopping performance that I simply cannot fault.

Tickets are priced between £12-£45 and this is great value for money. The show began at 7:30 and finished at 10:00 (with an interval in the middle) and there is never a dull moment. Go with a gang of you, go with a friend, take your daughter or go alone – you will be swept along on a tide of merriment and happiness as the entire audience join in. The smiling faces coming out of the auditorium speak volumes, this is a feel-good boost of a film that really injects some sunshine into your soul.

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre was full to the brim and gleaming brightly. The professional and prompt staff were present and running a tight ship to ensure everyone was back in their seats ready for part two of the show. A very smart, friendly gentleman stood at the exit thanking people for coming or wishing them goodnight which I thought was lovely.

As always, the facilities at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre are kept to a high standard and well maintained. There are always paper towels to dry your hands with in the toilets and you can always easily see what snacks are available. They’ve got the foundations in place and they’ve got it right, they always provide a good customer experience.

Summer Holiday the musical captures the essence of life in the early 60’s, the story was funny and sweet and flowed well with a cheery happy ever after. With seamless choreography and a fabulous stage set – The Bus! – as well as atmosphere enhancing lighting during “Dons” solo songs, it was the best musical I have ever seen. I simply have to go again.

A 5-star performance.

Rating: 5/5

Tickets cost from £12 to £27 (plus £2.85 transaction fee).

Summer Holiday the musical is at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury from 23-27 October 2018, for more information or to book tickets visit www.atgtickets.com/aylesbury or call the box office on 0844 871 7607.

Waterside Theatre, Exchange Street, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP20 1UG | 0844 871 7607

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