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Strider12ProBalanceBikeStrider 12 Pro
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Reviewed by Nicola Wilkinson

I was sent a Strider 12 Pro Balance Bike to review and I had a very excited four year old son when we saw it!

I had previously used two different types of balance bikes in the past with my oldest child, the first being wooden which was way too heavy for any age child. The second was a lightweight framed one which I thought would have been similar to the Strider Bike but was just from looking at the box the Strider Bike was already showing as being better. The Strider 12 Pro Balance Bike is an ultra-lightweight all aluminium frame weighing in at around 2.2kg – the lightest Strider bike in the world.

I liked the idea of the big age range (18 months to 5 years), this means the bike will last and grow with the child. The seat and handle bars both adjusts to different heights (adjustable from 27cm inside leg to 48cm) and there is also an optional seat post extender available to buy this is great for taller 5 year olds. My 16 month old isn’t quite tall enough I know it says from 18 months but I thought I’d see how the age compares and she really isn’t that far off it. It is recommended that children are able to sit on the bike with both feet flat on the ground with just a slight bend to their leg, there is also a diagram to show this. My little girl is on her tip toes so I think in a couple of months when she is 18 months she will be about the right height. However my 4 year old can use it now!

The instructions are very clear and it was quick and easy to set up, no additional tools were required so makes the set up very simple. My four year old isn’t the most confident when it comes to bikes and he was only used to pedal bikes at preschool so found it a little strange and we went very slowly. By having no pedals he had to work hard to find his balance this is something we are still practicing.

The bike itself is really sturdy but really light compared to your usual bike which helps with balance and helps the child move it with ease. I’m looking forward to my child gaining more confidence and speed I think it will just take him a little while.

Another great thing about this bike which is something I’ve never seen before are footrests which are positioned where the pedals would be, these allow the child to put their feet up out of the way so they can gain greater speed and complete balance.

I do really like the Strider Bike and would highly recommend it, it’s made to a very high quality and is built to last. I just wish I had brought one when my son was about two as my son would now be very confident now.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £100

Available to buy from Strider here.

4 half Star

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