Stratum C Menopause Skin Calming Toner Review

Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

As a holistic beautician myself, I’ve tried and tested many products and if you didn’t already know, one of the most important steps of a regular facial routine is using a toner. Not only does it close your pores between each step of your facial routine but it helps to restore your skin’s natural pH balance.

I’ve been using Stratum C Menopause Skin Calming Toner for nearly a week now and the texture and feel of my skin is wonderful. I have very sensitive skin so was pleasantly surprised to learn that not only is it good for this, but it also helps with menopausal skin.

It’s not overpowering in smell nor does it contain perfumes. It’s light and has an array of excellent ingredients including Chamomile, Sage, Papaya, Cucumber, Orange and Aloe Vera.

Some of the key factors of this product are:-

Cools and calms stressed skin – It does what it says.

Enriched with Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera has a multitude of benefits, just Google and find out and it works wonders for your skin.

Provides free radical protection – Free radicals are a result of UV damaged skin, older skin, dry skin, skin that’s been damaged from pollution and bad diets. You can Google to find out more about this.

Maintains a healthy pH balance – Learn more about your skin and Google how to maintain a healthy pH balance in your skin.

There are also high levels of active peptides to double collagen production, remove existing wrinkles and replenish lost vitamins whilst using minimum preservatives.

I’ve written below a typical day and night routine to include this toner and a routine when you include exfoliation and mask:-


Serum (if required)
Eye cream (if required)
Moisture (day cream)

Repeat the above but replace the day moisturiser with a night moisturiser.


Serum (again, if required)
Eye cream (again, if required)
Moisturise (usually night moisturiser as it’s best to do this full routine in the evening)

At a guide price of around £19.00 for 120ml, some may say it’s not cheap but I think it’s very well priced and the results are fantastic and as the saying goes… ‘you get what you pay for.’

Would I buy it again or recommend it to friends/family? Most definitely.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19

Available to buy from Stratum C here.


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