Stories for My Child A Mother’s Memory Journal by Samantha Hahn Review


Reviewed by CW

Stories for My Child: A Mother’s Memory Journal, created by Samantha Hahn, is a hardback illustrated guided journal that would make an excellent keepsake for your son or daughter.

This book is a guided journal so each page has prompts for you to fill in creating a sort of diary of the life of your child.

It starts from being pregnant and covers everything from labour, first words, proudest moments to leaving the nest. In the back of the book is an envelope to place a written letter for “A letter with my dreams and hopes for your future”.

Stories for My Child is split up into three sections from pre-birth to teenage years:

  • Section OneYour Babyhood
  • Section TwoYour Childhood
  • Section ThreeLater On

This book is also very beautiful illustrated in watercolours and pastels and has lots of quotes involving mothers and children from a variety of different sources.


Stories for My Child: A Mother’s Memory Journal is an excellent, quality 80 page keepsake that is the perfect gift for a baby shower, christening, gift for any new mother or even just to fill in and give to your own child, maybe on their 18th birthday. It is something I am enjoying filling it and something I hope my daughter will love reading and cherish once I give it to her.

The only very small negative that I could find with this book was it does contain American spellings, which is understandable as the author is from New York but that is not a really big issue and doesn’t detract from the quality and memories this book will create.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99 (hardback)

Available to buy from Abram & Chronicle Books here.


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