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Reviewed by Shelley East

The Stickems for mobile phone is a very simplistic idea that does exactly what it is intended for with minimal fuss! It arrived in a clear protective seal of cellophane and was easy to remove from the packaging without damage. It is just under a 1/4 of the size of a typical smart phone screen and sticks easily to the phone.

Initially I just looked at it and for a split second wondered what I was to do with it. It is a screen cleaner for your mobile phone that removes traces of finger prints, dust, grease and makeup. I tried to drag the Stickem down the phone to clean the screen and damaged the product (I was using the wrong side, it is the front of the Stickem that has microfibre cleaning technology and using the incorrect side can damage the Stickem). The friction of the dragging motion creates heat and causes the product to be easily damaged. The item did not come with instructions on how to use it. It still worked though!

I then stuck it to the screen of the phone and lifted the corner and the area that was covered was completely clean. I then continued to clean the rest of the screen in the same way. This product can be used on other screens such as windows and computer screens and even glasses. A very simplistic design that is re-useable and can be stuck to the rear of the phone for future uses.

They can come in several designs so you can choose one that reflects your character and personality and saves hunting for a cloth or wiping your phone on your clothes to clean it. The product is suitable for phones that are in cases. You can stick the item to the rear of the phone and still put your phone in a protective case. The sticky part of the item does not contain any adhesive so does not attract dirt it just bonds with your mobile phone and leaves no residue. It takes seconds to use and is simplistic and versatile and I can see that as a product for those interested in mobile phone accessories it is a great idea especially that you can personalise the screen cleaner to your own tastes in design.

Instructions of how to use to avoid confusion would have been very helpful.

Rating: 4/5

Please note: it is the front of the Stickem that has microfibre cleaning technology and using the incorrect side can damage the Stickem.

Stickems are a new product designed to clean your phone/laptop/camera screens. They are made from ultra-fine micro-fibres that will pick up dirt, dust, oil, grease and make-up. And they have a self-cling backing which means they will stick to the back of your device, until you are ready to use them, so they will never go missing!

Stickems can clean ANY screen so can be used on smartphones, laptops, TV’s, portable DVD’s, kindles, tablets, cameras, iPad’s, digital photo frames, Sat Nav’s, PSP’s, DS's and even glasses, sunglasses and CD's. They come in different shapes and sizes and there are lots of funky designs to choose from, so they are not only useful but they also look cool on your device!

I used Stickems on my smartphone and was very impressed at how clean it got my screen. It instantly removed all fingerprints and dirt, leaving my screen sparkling. It easily stuck to the back of my phone and didn't leave any marks when I took it off. I was very impressed with the product and think the prices are very reasonable (from £2.99 to £4.99). 

I would recommend this product to all my friends.
Reviewed by Charlotte Green

Available in a variety of sizes and designs.

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