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Star Wars Science Deluxe Eight Colour Lightsaber Room Light Review

Reviewed by Shelly Harper

Star Wars science is making the link between the Star Wars universe and our world through the products with real science learning that inspires kids to learn more about different science fields. Learn about LED light and light crystals as you build a lightsaber room light for your room, styled as a replica of Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber. Use the remote control (included) to activate the lightsaber room light’s eight different light effects, one auto-changing colour and authentic lightsaber sound effects. The lightsaber room light measures over 25 inches long and easily mounts to the wall with the fixtures included.

I got the Uncle Milton Star Wars Science Deluxe Eight Colour Lightsaber Room Light for my 12 year old daughter as she is an avid Star Wars fan and from the moment she initially opened the box to it being mounted on the wall she was infatuated.

Inside the box was everything my daughter needed to build her own lightsaber from scratch which we initially thought may be a bit challenging but in actual fact proved to be a fun and educational process which was aided by the instructions with learning guide. Within the learning guide my daughter and I learnt about electricity, mixing coloured lights, lasers, plasma, LED’s and light crystals which is to demonstrate how a real Jedi lightsaber actually works. From a parent’s perspective I thought this was an excellent way of how to make learning fun and as a Star Wars fan myself, I learnt a few things myself, particularly about the components that go into the making of the lightsaber… I was impressed!

Once my daughter had built the lightsaber (with very little input from myself) she was ready to show off exactly what it could do. In actual fact I think she was tormenting me that she had a lightsaber and I didn’t. Anyhow, 5 AA batteries later she was ready to go… showing off all 8 rainbow colours which was impressive but nowhere near as impressive as the authentic lightsaber sound effects. At this point it’s fair to say I wanted the lightsaber all for myself but unfortunately my daughter just wasn’t prepared to hand it over much to my disappointment.


The colour of the lightsaber can be changed using the remote control which is perfect for when is wall mounted or you can set it so auto spectrum so it goes through all of the colours automatically. I was a bit weary of the fact that the lightsaber takes so many batteries and the light being left on which could cost a fortune but after a period of about 20 minutes the lightsaber automatically switches off.

Mounting the Uncle Milton Star Wars Science Deluxe Eight Colour Lightsaber Room Light was straightforward and everything required was included in the box so in the same day as having built the lightsaber, my daughter was able to have it up on her wall ready for when she goes to bed.

Overall for the price, the size, the features and most of all the ease of putting the Uncle Milton Star Wars Science Deluxe Eight Colour Lightsaber Room Light together and mounting it, my daughter and I can’t rate this highly enough to the point that we may even buy another one to go in my bedroom!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £27.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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