St-Germain Opening in London Review


Reviewed by Jat Shah

My friend and I recently attended St-Germain’s exclusive opening of its first ever London residency, Maison St-Germain.

The event took place in the heart of London at 2 Soho Square. The venue was transformed into a magical land of flowers and plants. Both bars, snack tables, stairs, walls, benches and even bicycle on the patio were decorated with elderflower.

Elderflower is the key ingredient of St-Germain, a liqueur created in 2007. With 20% alcohol content, this product transforms many drinks into refreshing and enjoyable cocktails. We were handed a perfectly crafted St-Germain cocktail which was 1.5 parts St-Germain, 2 parts dry sparkling wine, 2 parts sparkling water and garnish of lemon twist served in tall glass with ice. This drink is exceptionally refreshing and takes you back to a sunny summers day.

Later we tried 2 other cocktails. Labyrinthe is a concoction of lime-infused Kafir, white tequila, dry vermouth, lime juice, chartreuse and of course St-Germain. This is another refreshing drink that is citrusy and moorish. Printems on the other hand is a strong short drink containing Oxley gin, Martini & Rosei ambrato and St-Germain.

During the evening, we experienced the magic behind St-Germain’s refined elderflower liqueur and the versatility of elderflower plant. A bottle of St-Germain was on both our shopping lists by the end of the evening.

Rating: 4.5/5

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