Some Mother Do ‘Av ‘Em At St. Helens Theatre Royal Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

Ooh Betty! That was the famous catchphrase of the adorable Frank Spencer whose character was immortalised in the 1970’s comedy series which I loved to watch as a child with my parents. Created by Raymond Allen, it was classic family viewing that was good clean safe fun for the children as well as the grandparents. The series followed the accident prone Frank Spencer in many a mishap as he tried in vain to do right and ‘fix’ his mistakes (of which there were many) whilst being loyally supported by his long-suffering wife Betty. Some Mothers Do ‘Av ‘Em was a firm British favourite and the series has now been revived in this Theatre Tour show and the character brought to life by the talented and funny Joe Pasquale.

The show is a real blast from the past with its 1970’s living room set, outfits and music. From the start with the iconic whistle tones of the theme tune Pasquale embodies the characteristics and demeanour of the hapless Frank Spencer and gave us a laugh a second alongside his Betty, played brilliantly by Sarah Earnshaw. The cast is a small one who skilfully take us through a night-in-the-life of Franks misadventures and miscommunications. I’d forgotten about the brilliant miscommunications! Also starring, is the lovely Susie Blake of Coronation Street Fame who plays the mother-in-law and brings a wonderful dimension of humour to story. Each character adds more to the show and help make it a fun, memorable night.

I’m so pleased that Some Mothers Do ‘Av ‘Em has been reinvigorated for old audiences and new audiences alike. The series isn’t one often played on TV these day and so many generations are not familiar with Frank and his clumsy ways. He was the original Mr. Bean and can’t fail to bring a smile to everyone’s face. The audience quite clearly had a blast as there was no break from the laughter from start to finish. There was no doubt that people were revelling in the memories and enjoying the throw-back’s but what a wonderful thing to introduce a new audience to as well.

Some Mothers Do ‘Av ‘Em was written and directed by Guy Unsworth and is on tour and is currently playing at the St. Helens Theatre Royal until 6th August. St. Helens Theatre Royal is a wonderful intimate Theatre which a very welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff. The theatre is very accessible being very close to both the local bus station and train station as well as ample parking within a 5 minute walk away. Tickets can be purchased from from £31.

If you’re looking for a fun night out with plenty of laughs, a trip down memory lane or want to introduce this legendary character of comedy to someone new then this would be the perfect opportunity.

Rating: I give the show a 5/5 for its brilliant portrayal and staying loyal to the original feel of the show. Thank you for bringing Frank Spencer back to life in a loving and fun way to give us some comedy gold. Mother would be pleased!

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