Snuggly Rascal Gruffalo Headphones Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

When we were asked to review the Gruffalo Headphones from Snuggly Rascal my five-year old son was very excited. He loves the Gruffalo, in fact anything Julia Donaldson, so these sounded like they would be great for him.

Before being asked to try them, I had never heard of Snuggly Rascal headphones, however a quick search on the internet showed that they are comfy headband headphones for children aged 3+ that come in a range of different designs from sharks and planes to unicorns and monsters and of course the Gruffalo. We couldn’t wait to try them out.

As soon as the package arrived my son was very eager to get them out and have a go. Fortunately for him the packaging was very minimal and it was very easy to get the headband out. This was also a positive point for me as the packaging was entirely cardboard (except for the bag it came in), and was both appealing, with lots of images from the Gruffalo, very informative about what the headphones were and also recyclable so a winning formula all round in my view!

The headband is very soft and colourful with the Gruffalo design and it even has ears and horns which is so cute. The band is very easy to open and put on as it has hook and loop fastenings, this made it easy to adjust to my son’s head size and it would also fit a range of sizes. Inside the headband there are some ultra-flat speakers, which are also very soft and padded. They fit a 3.5mm jack so will fit most devices like tablets and phones. The headphones can be moved around inside the headband to ensure that they are over the child’s ears so they can hear through them properly. My son didn’t actually believe that they were headphones until we plugged them into his tablet and showed him!

A couple of other positives for me are that the headphones are volume limited so will protect my son’s ears as he won’t be able to turn them up too loud. The headband is also washable which is great as I can imagine they could get a bit grubby after they have been worn for a while. The headphones need to be removed before washing and this was very easy to do as they just pull out through slots on either end of the headband.

Another bonus is that the Snuggly Rascals come with a two-year limited warranty, so this adds reassurance in case anything goes wrong with them.

I think that these Snuggly Rascals are a great idea, they are much more comfortable than standard headphones and are going to be ideal for my son to wear when we go on a four-hour flight in a few weeks’ time. He has often complained that the traditional over ear headphones hurt him, after a while, and I’m confident that we won’t have any such problems with these. They are also going to take up a lot less space in his hand luggage as they are very compact.

Overall, I would highly recommend Snuggly Rascals for young children. I love the Gruffalo design but I also like all the other designs too – I can imagine it will be hard to decide which ones to buy!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99

This product can be purchased from Snuggly Rascals here.

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