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EKO X Cube Recycling Bin Review


Reviewed by Cath Joyce

When I was growing up in the early 80’s recycling wasn’t the norm like it is now. There were no dustbins for plastics, glass, cardboard or garden waste and everything just went to landfill. The only items we did recycle were glass bottles and jars and this was only because we had a bottle bank in our local village to raise money for charity.

These days we are far more knowledgeable about recycling and we all have a selection of bins lined up outside our homes for the easy disposal of household waste. The question is do you keep going out to the dustbin with every piece of rubbish or leave it by the back door and take it out once a day? I tend to take the rubbish out several times a day as I hate seeing it pile up however the rest of my family don’t follow my lead and usually make a pile by the back door for me to sort!

Therefore, I was really looking forward to receiving the EKO X Cube recycling bin as it would help provide the perfect solution to my recycling issues. When it arrived, I quickly unpacked it and found it fitted perfectly in the gap next to my kitchen bin. With two removable, colour coded inner buckets I decided to use one side for cardboard and the other for glass and plastics, meaning there would be no need to pile up recycling by the back door and my kitchen would look tidy again!

The EKO X Cube recycling bin looks very stylish and is available in a choice of colours, stainless steel, cream, copper and titanium blue. I received the cream bin to review and it does look very smart in my kitchen. The bin has two 20L buckets and comes with one bin liner, each bucket has a bag holder function allowing bags to be kept secure and the bin rim to be kept looking neat and tidy with no messy overhang. Whilst you can purchase EKO bin liners, 60 bin liners cost £12.97, the bag holder function holds any size bag in place and they even tell you on their website that there is no need to buy the branded bags. The bin has a special antibacterial Nano coating to help keep germs at bay and there is also a built in deodoriser compartment to help keep the bin smelling fresh. The filters cost £4.99 for two and each one should last 3 months. Considering the bin costs £169.99 I did think that a pack of 2 filers should have been included and perhaps a couple more bin liners too. That said, the internal buckets are easy to clean so personally I won’t be using a bin liner but I will be purchasing the filters as I hate smelly bins.

Another excellent feature is the silicone seal, designed to keep odours inside the bin. No matter how careful you are, kitchen bins do have a tendency to smell, especially in warm weather, so this is a great idea. The bin is made of high quality fingerprint resistant brushed (or powder coated) stainless steel to give a refined finish. I touched all over the bin to test this and can confirm that no fingerprint marks could be seen.

I especially like the shape of the bin, the oblong shape means it fits nicely against a wall. The measurements are H65 x W43 x D33cm so it doesn’t take up too much space. It has two handles at the side making it easy to move when you clean the kitchen floor.

To open the bin you use a foot pedal which has been tested to last more than 100,000 times, I’m not sure how long it would take to press it 100,000 times but the bin does comes with a 10 year warranty so you can be confident that this bin will last a very long time. Another feature of the bin is the soft close lid, it is damper controlled for a smooth, silent operation. There is also a moveable frame which lifts up to keep the lid open, this is a big help when you have a few things to put in the bin.

Overall I am really pleased with this bin, it not only looks good but is practical too and recycling is now a simple task and no longer a chore!

Rating: 4/5/5

RRP: £169.99

This product can be purchased from EKO here.

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