Edushape Textured Pop Blocks Review


Reviewed by Cath Joyce

When my children were younger they loved playing with blocks, we had a huge box full and they were used for all sorts of pretend play. When they were toddlers we used to build towers and see how high we could get them before they fell and as they got older and their imaginations grew they became cargo in their ride on cars, animal pens, walls on their farm sets, roads for cars and trains and were involved in so many other games they played . The great thing about blocks is that they are so versatile and everybody loves them.

I think building blocks are one of the best educational toys you can buy for a child as they help develop so many skills, as well as using their imagination they also help with hand eye coordination. Toddlers learn how to stack blocks on top of each other to make a tower, if they don’t place the block in the right place the tower will fall.

The Edushape Textured Pop Blocks are a colourful collection of 10 interlinking and tactile cubes that can be used from birth. They are soft and fascinating to touch and chew. Each cube has a protruding shape that fits into another cube, enabling you to build stable towers. Once you have stacked the cubes using these protruding shapes the numbers on the side of the cubes run in numerical order from 0 to 9 which is a great way to help with number recognition. There are also lots of other learning opportunities available as the other sides of the cube have animals, textured patterns and on the opposite side of the cube to the number are raised objects matching the corresponding number which is perfect for helping with counting. The official leaning skills they state on the side of the box are Hand Eye Coordination, Tactile Sensory Development, Visual Sensory Development, Logic & Reasoning and Gross Motor Skills so they really are a great toy to buy as a present. The blocks won gold in the Best Bay toy 6-12 months category in the Made for Mums Toy Awards in 2019 and I can see why they won as they are such a great toy.

My cousin has a 2 year old grand daughter so when we visited I took the cubes and we had great fun playing with them. She especially liked touching the cubes and running her fingers on the textured patterns. She wasn’t quite dextrous enough to slot the shapes together, but she could still stack them with the shapes on the side and it didn’t detract from her enjoyment of the blocks. My 5 year old nephew could easily stack them together and he liked being challenged to find the block with a particular number or shape on. They both loved stacking them and then knocking the tower down and it was lovely seeing the smile on their faces as they completed a tower and then the laughs and giggles as they knocked it down again, like most children it was a lot more fun knocking it down when someone else was in the middle of building it!

Edushape isn’t a brand I have come across before but they have been around since 1983 when they created their first lines to provide pre school teachers with the perfect tools for creative play. Built on the strategy of seeing the world through childrens’s eyes Edushape continues to create products that nurture imagination and spark creativity. Looking at their website they have a great selection of educational toys, I have lots of young children in my family so I now have plenty of ideas for Christmas presents this year.

I was really impressed with these blocks, they are fun to play with and are a great way for children to learn without realising it!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

This product can be purchased from Halilit here.

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