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Smartmax My First Acrobats Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

This magnetic blocks set is way more than your average building block toy.  The set is made up of a round mirrored base, two semi circles, two bridges, one V, one oblong and three round heads with faces.  They are all magnetised and all the shaped pieces have small indentations for the little heads to sit in.  They are lovely bright colours and a big chunky extra large size to make them easier for little hands to hold.  Made of very good quality plastic they are very strong.  The parts are glued and ultrasonically welded together making them impossible for little ones to pull apart.  They are all packaged in a very study cardboard box which can be used to store the blocks in when not being played with.

Part of the Smartmax My first range this toy is suitable for ages 1.5 to 5 years and also includes challenge cards which show 24 examples of acrobats that can be built.  Some are full colour examples and others are just black shapes to make it a bit more challenging.

A young child can easily get frustrated while using building blocks until their balance and stacking skills improve.  The great thing about the shapes being magnetised is that they sit together more securely and do not get easily knocked over, then as the child’s skills develop they can go on to make taller more complex builds with confidence. Putting a little head onto the blocks instantly gives the simplest of builds a personality.

The two year old in our family had never played with this type of toy before but she soon got the hang of it and in no time at all was making up her own little acrobat characters and I loved watching her use her imagination to build things.   I really wanted to have a go myself but had to hold back and just be a spectator as she was having so much fun.  This is a toy that will grow with her and help her develop many skills.  At the moment she doesn’t understand the challenge cards and is happy just doing her own creations but this will happen with more play sessions, or something to do with older siblings.

Smartmax offer a large choice of magnetic/ building toys the “My first”range includes vehicles and animals, the “Build” range is made up of bars and balls in packs of various sizes. Both of these ranges are suitable for ages 18 months up, there are also more advanced build and play sets which are suitable for ages 3 and up.  Some of these sets can be made into ball runs which look like lots of fun.

All sets are 100% compatible with each other.

So as it says on the box “Discover the magic of magnetism”

Rating: 5/5

RRP: priced at £21.95 this would make the perfect gift

The Smartmax My first Acrobats is available from here.

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