Poco Nido Printed Mini Shoes Review


Reviewed by Karen


Upon arriving back from my holiday I was greeted by a little box in the post of which I had forgotten was arriving. To make it even more exciting there wasn’t just one pair of Poco Nido Mini Shoes but TWO for me to review.

Poco Nido are an award winning British baby and children’s footwear brand that was founded in Sheffield in 2011 by Catherine Lobley. The Mini Shoes were the first product they designed and it was followed up by the Mighty Shoe. They were nominated for the German design award 2019 where they won bronze and silver at the junior awards two years in a row. Their shoes are bright and bold with quirky designs which come from their love of overseas travel.

Upon opening the bag I found two cardboard boxes, which are fully recyclable once you separate the window from the card. Inside the boxes I found two beautiful pairs of shoes.

The first design was dark blue with gold stars and white rabbits and suede soles. The second pair were from the vegan sole range with a light blue background with little koalas and a pimple dot sole. Each pair had ruched material around the back and side of the ankle to help keep the shoe attached to the babies foot. My child is only just three months old and I asked for the 3 to 6 months (EUR 17) size. Although she managed to kick one of the shoes off whilst wearing them I believe that this is only due to her age and once her feet grow in the coming weeks I doubt this will continue.

I know how important it is for babies to be barefoot so that they can develop muscles and ligaments in their feet as well as strengthening their foot arches. Luckily Poco Nido offer the perfect combination of barefoot/shoe as there mini shoes allow ‘foot to ground contact with a little natural protection’. These would be perfect for young babies who are cruising around at home but not ready for walking outside yet.

The back of the box states they are suitable for walkers and non walkers, indoor walking and crawling as well as occasional outdoor walking in the suede soles only. The pimple dot vegan range are not suitable for outdoor use due to the softer material on the sole. If you do manage to get them dirty you are able to wash them at 30°, which is a bonus, however I’m hoping I’ll be able to get away with a quick wipe with a damp cloth seen as my little one won’t be walking or crawling yet so it should only be a few scuffs and scraps.

As most babies tend to put EVERYTHING in their mouths you’ll be happy to know that they do not contain any chrome6, lead, Azo dyes, organotin compounds or formaldehyde and are printed with non toxin inks so they are safe for babies to chew if they fancy it.

I have loved being able to review these shoes and would highly recommend them for the little people in your life. There bright and bold designs are fantastic and there is something for everyone to choose from. I know as my youngest gets older I’ll be purchasing some larger sizes so she’s got some to grow into.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20.00

These products can be purchased from the Poconido website here.

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