Smart Ass Board Game Review

Smart Ass
The Board Game

Reviewed by David Savage

Smart Ass the board game is a family trivia game where the winner is the first person to reach the back end of the donkey on the board. Suitable for 2 – 8 players from age 12 upwards.

Box contents:
1 Game Board, 500 Question Cards, 8 Playing Pieces with Stands, 1 Jumbo 12 Sided Dice (Numbered), 1 Jumbo 12 Sided Dice (Colours), 1 Instructions Sheet

Game Setup
Setting up the board is very simple and will only take a minute or 2. There are 4 decks of cards: Who Am I?, Where Am I?, What Am I? and Hard Ass. Shuffle each deck and place on the relevant space on the board (one deck in each corner). Each player takes one of the numbered donkey playing pieces, a coloured stand and places the donkey on the stand. You are now ready to start. As I said, simple!

Game Play
After setting up the board the oldest player (no lying about your age please) starts by rolling the coloured dice. Whatever colour is thrown (blue, green or orange) player one picks a card from that colour category: Blue=What Am I, Green=Where Am I and Orange=Who Am I. Player one keeps reading (there are 10 clues on the card) until one of the other players shouts out the correct answer. If no one gives the correct answer then player one can throw the numbered dice and move that number of squares, if another player has guessed the right answer then they throw the dice and move.  As you go around the board there are spaces marked “dumb ass” and “hard ass”. If you land of the dumb ass square you have to go back 3 spaces, landing on the hard ass square is a bonus question and you have to answer a harder question from the hard ass card. If you get it right you can throw the dice again and move forward, if you get it wrong you stay where you are. The first player to reach the donkey’s rear end is the winner and can officially be declared “Smart Ass!”

I love this game. It is quick and easy to setup, the rules are easy to understand and the questions are not so easy that it becomes boring. Smart Ass is an excellent game for family get-togethers, parties or a night in with friends. We thoroughly enjoyed playing this and had great fun.

Highly recommend.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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