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Slumberdown Allergy Protection Duvet and Pillows Review

Reviewed by Dorothy White

Summer, at least what we had of it, is on the way out and the wetter, windier and cooler autumn nights are beginning to make an appearance. While it is still a bit too warm for a winter duvet, it is not warm enough to leave on the lighter summer one I have been using on the bed. I need something that little bit warmer that won’t leave me feeling overheated and uncomfortable. There is a middle ground to my summer and winter duvets that will be perfect for that in between night-time temperature – a 10.5 tog duvet.

Slumberdown are a well-known brand for duvets and pillows and they kindly sent me a new set for my bed for me to try. I received a 10.5 tog double duvet (RRP: £22) and two firm support pillows (RRP: £12) from the Allergy Protection range. They have asthma, allergy and dust mite protection which is ideal as when my sixteen year old granddaughter comes to stay she has asthma and allergies and this range helps to prevent any dust mites from existing in the bedding.

I have always loved sleeping in a bed with freshly laundered sheets and pillowcases, there is nothing better, but to have a brand-new duvet and two pillows is real luxury, especially as both the duvet and pillows are washable. Even better, they can be machine washed and even tumble dried! I have not tried them for size in my washing machine though as I have only just started using them and don’t require washing yet. When they do require a wash, I might have to take them to one of the larger type washing machines at a local launderette.

The 10.5 tog double duvet (RRP: £22) is generously sized and looks larger than my old feather and down duvet, which of course I cannot wash. The cover is made from 100% cotton with the filling being 100% polyester. The duvet itself is pure white, quite lightweight, but is very soft and snuggly and just the right temperature for the cooler autumn nights. The pillows are really comfortable and do offer a really good firm support. I love watching my favourite television programmes on Catch Up while in bed before I go to sleep and they also offer great support so that I can sit up and watch comfortably.

Since having this new duvet and pillowcases on my bed, I have felt really comfortable, slept very well and haven’t been woken up by being too hot or too cold. As the duvets and pillows have asthma, allergy and dust mite protection I can also rest assured that there shouldn’t be anything that will cause an issue while sleeping or as Slumberdown say “nothing bugs you in bed”.

When I do need to switch to a warmer 13.5 tog winter duvet, I will be looking at the Slumbderdown website as I have been very impressed with this one.

Rating: 5/5

For more information on the Slumberdown full range visit slumberdown.co.uk. Available to buy from www.argos.co.uk.

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