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Skwooshi Foil Collectable Review


Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

I was recently asked to review a Skwooshi 3D Mini Mould and was quite interested in what this would actually be as I had never heard of the name before.

Upon arrival I read the colourful and easy to open packet and found out the set I had is 1 of 24! According to the packaging you can fill, mould and stretch Skwooshi so I expected something similar to Playdough or modelling clay so was surprised when I opened the pack.

Skwooshi is brightly coloured and trembles modelling clay until you touch it and they realise it's nothing like modelling clay! It is very light and fun to squish and has a really odd texture which I cannot begin to describe. The pack also contained a mould and an instruction leaflet which I read thoroughly before moulding. The instructions are thorough and easy to read and the diagrams make it fun to read. The instructions also show you other products in the Skwooshi range including the rather spectacular looking Big Skwooshi Play Set and other moulds or connectors as they are called.

My pack was from series 1 and as I said before there are 24 packs set over 3 series but you don't know which you will get until you open it as the pack doesn't tell you so it could be worthwhile finding friends who also collect Skwooshi as you are bound to get duplicates from time to time.

Skwooshi is a great toy and is a lot of fun and the fact it never dries out and is wheat and gluton free is a real bonus! My 7 year old autistic daughter loved the product as she uses something similar at school as a sensory item so will be looking for more very soon!

A great activity for big or little hands.

Suitable for ages 3 years +

RRP: £2.79

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Amazon here or visit for stockists.

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