Skoot Ride-on Suitcase Review

Skoot1Skoot Ride-on Suitcase

Reviewed by Cheryl Wesley

The Skoot is a ride-on suitcase for children aged 3 years +.

Two excited toddlers were jumping up and down when I pulled the baby blue Skoot out of its box, thankfully it only took a minute to peruse the picture instructions and set it up before they went off taking it in turns to ‘Skoot’ around the house. It’s extremely stable, my 3 year old went round corners that made me feel a little uncomfortable, but the three rubber wheel trike format kept him firmly on track! The recommended age is 3 plus and I must admit my two year old mainly sat on it whilst her brother explored every room possible!

We solved the problem of my daughter not going anywhere by clipping on one end of the carry strap by the front of the Skoot and towing her about the house, she was more than happy with this outcome! The carry strap can also be attached to the back of the Skoot, therefore once the toddler has had enough riding on it (we have yet to have that happen) you can pick it up and carry it.

Without being filled the ‘Skoot’ is really light, to the point my son was able to take it upstairs on his own! It’s also been outside and considering it’s taken a few knocks, it’s clearly sturdy as this does not show!

The inside of the ‘Skoot’ is a nice small toddler worthy suitcase which holds up to 13 litres. The Skoot can also be used as hand luggage on an aeroplane. Although I have not been on a plane to comment on it fitting in the overhead locker (I assume you would need to take the handle off, that is a straight forward thing to do which takes less than five seconds), we did fill it up for a weekend stay at nanny’s. Plenty of room for a few change of clothes and plenty of space left for the special bed time bunny. One side of the suitcase has the practical storage clips so once your clothes are packed lock up the clips and they should stop things falling out of place.


The unlocking of the Skoot is nice and complicated for a toddler so once packed the little rascals will have trouble opening it up and emptying them. Having said that it’s nice and easy for an adult to undo, you simply lift the saddle up and push the slide backwards then you lift the ‘Skoot’ number plate up and open.

Skoot is available in a range of colours including, Red, Lilac and Pink and has a retail price of £39.99.

For the price I think it’s well worth the money, and it shall be used lots, I would recommend this product to anyone who has an active toddler and also enjoy weekends away!

Overall this is a much enjoyed new toy in the house and the children seem to be constantly playing with it.


Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £39.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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