Skin Shop Clarol Oily And Acne Prone Skincare Review


Reviewed by Claire G

The Skin Shop ethos is to make specialist naturally derived but effective skincare for problem skin. They recognise that skin, like people, is unique. They produce various different skincare brands for problem skin such as dry, eczema, scaly, red and many more. I was sent three products from their Clarol skincare brand which is for oily and acne prone skin suitable for both adults and teens for my daughter to try. Its developed to achieve clearer, smoother and more balanced skin through building up the skin’s natural acne defences using plant-based ingredients. Unlike more conventional anti acne treatment Clarol products fight acne without damaging surrounding skin. In fact all Clarol acne creams are actively good for surrounding healthy skin. The products I was sent are:
Silver & Birch Exfoliating Wash – Pumice Stone and Rice Bran effectively exfoliate dirt and dead skin cells. Tea tree and Grape Seed Oils combined with extracts of Coffee Seed, Bladderwrack and White Nettle condition, smooth and soothe the skin after the exfoliation.
Silver Serum Skin Flora Rebalancing – Helps your skin win the fight against bad bacteria. Microsilver promotes growth of healthy skin flora. Leaves skin clearer, stronger and smoother.
Sebopure – Contains a natural active called Pixalia which reduces excess sebum

My sixteen year old daughter has suffered from problem skin since hitting her teens and was diagnosed with acne a couple of years ago. She gets outbreaks of red angry and yellow spots on her face that she is very insecure about and tends to cover with make up. Over the years we have tried many different spot creams, facial washes and face masks with varying results. She was prescribed medicated cream from her Doctor which caused the skin on her face to peel off like sunburn but did not help with her spots. Cause of this she tends to be quite sceptical when trying new products to help with her acne. She tends to have major outbreaks when she is stressed or the weather is particularly warm. The week she tried these products the weather was hot and this caused her skin to breakout.

Before using the products as advised she did a skin patch test behind her ear and left it for 24 hours to make sure she would have no reaction to the products.

On a morning she used the Silver & Birch Exfoliating Wash. She applied a small amount to wet skin and massaged it into her face for 2-3 minutes. She then rinsed it off with water and patted her skin dry. She then applied the Silver Serum Skin Flora Rebalancing to her whole face. As her skin was quite greasy she used the exfoliating wash again on an evening followed by the Sebopure which she left on overnight.

From the first use she noticed her skin felt smoother and less oily. The exfoliating wash did make her skin dry out slightly but this was easily remedied by applying the Silver Serum. She did not have any adverse reactions to the products like outbreaks or redness which she has experienced with other products in the past. She used the products for five consecutive days and started to notice a difference particularly on her forehead which started to clear of spots. Overall her skin looked less oily and the spots that did not clear looked less red and angry. The spots on her chin did not clear up as much as the ones on her forehead (these are her problem areas) but with having to wear a mask everyday at school she is finding her chin spots particular hard to clear.

All the products were dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, not tested on animals and suitable for vegetarians.

The products were delivered with 24 hours of being ordered. There are directions on each tube of how to use product. Further information on use and how to correctly use the products together is available on their website.

The tubes were not massive, 75ml for exfoliating wash / 50ml for Sebopure & Silver Serum, but as you use the products sparingly there would easily be enough in each of the tubes for a couple of months use. Retailing between £11.95 – £12.95 each this seems good value for quality skincare and within most peoples budget. The products can also be bought in duo packs for £19.95 or £40 for a complete care pack making the products even better value for money.

With only five days use it was hard to see real results though the results so far are positive. There is definitely some improvement with my daughters skin. She will be continuing to use the products and will hopefully see further positive results with longer term use.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £11.95 – £12.95

This product can be purchased from Skin Shop here.

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