Sizzling Pubs The Highfield Hotel, Blackpool Review

Reviewed by Catherine Joyce

The Highfield Hotel in Blackpool is just a few minutes away from the end of the M55 motorway and was really easy to find. When we pulled onto the car park it was quite full which is always reassuring when you are visiting somewhere for the first time. When we walked into the pub it was already quite full despite it only being 6 o’clock. The majority of seats were taken and the bar was really busy. The atmosphere was lively and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The barman, whilst very busy, acknowledged our arrival and said he would serve us shortly, this was the first sign of their excellent, friendly service. After ordering our drinks we were shown to our table and given menus. He told us who our waitress would be and where to find the cutlery and sauces and then left us to peruse the menu.

The first thing that struck me when I was looking at the menu was how reasonably priced everything was. With the exception of the sharing platters all the starters were priced under £3 and there was a good selection to choose from. My family all have good appetites and going out for a meal can become quite expensive however these prices make it much more affordable.

We ordered the southern fried chicken goujons, bbq glazed chicken wings and the ultimate sharing platter. The platter was priced at £8.79 and we really didn’t bargain for the huge amount of food that was included. We assumed that it was for 2 people however it would easily have fed the 4 of us. The plate was piled high with garlic bread, breaded mushrooms, onion rings, chicken wings and nachos with a couple of dips. It was very tasty and everyone really enjoyed the starters.

The menu does seem to concentrate on meat dishes, although vegetarian options are available, and we each chose a different dish. The Highfield Hotel is part of the Sizzling Pub chain and I can guarantee that the dishes really do sizzle, whilst we were sat eating we saw many meals being taken out to other tables and you could hear the sizzling skillets as the waiter and waitress passed.

HHCH1Again the prices were very reasonable with the majority costing under £8. I was very impressed with the price of steak, starting at only £5.29 for a 5oz rump and increasing to a very affordable £9.79 for a 10oz rib eye. I would have expected to pay at least 2 to 3 times that. The boys went for Scampi and Chips and a “skyscraper burger”. You can’t go wrong with scampi and my son was pleased with his plate full of scampi, chips and peas which was a bargain £5.49. The burger was enormous – like a meal off “Man v Food” the burger towered over the plate of chips and onion rings and was built with two 12oz burgers, a chicken breast, bacon, cheese and pulled pork – all for £10.49! We both chose a grilled meal, a steak and a mixed grill. Both were served with a pile of chips, onions and a mushroom. The dishes were sizzling away as they were placed in front of us and we had to wait a couple of minutes before we could tuck in as they were sizzling so much! The meat was very good and cooked well, and after such a huge starter neither of us could manage to finish the chips.

The burger did prove too much for our son although he made a valiant effort, managing everything but a small piece of burger. Unfortunately he didn’t manage his chips either. It is almost unheard of, for us to go out for a meal and not clear our plates but this was one of the only times that we couldn’t manage it all.

HHCJ2I love puddings and always pick my dessert before anything else so I was really disappointed that I didn’t have room for the lemon meringue pie as it sounded delicious. All the sweets were around £3 and the ones that I saw being taken out looked a good size. My youngest son was the only one who could manage a pudding and he chose the cookies and cream sundae which again was huge. When we saw it, we all dipped in as it looked so tempting! It had pieces of cookie sticking out of the top and then layers of cream, ice cream and caramel and was soon polished off.

The staff were very friendly and despite being busy made time to speak to us, even advising us of the best route to take to the illuminations.

Our evening was finished off with a ride through Blackpool Illuminations.

This popular pub is clearly targeted at families who want good, well priced food in a friendly atmosphere. If you want your plates piled high with excellent reasonably priced food then this is the place for you. There are daily offers to attract customers and with two meals for £7 from Monday to Friday they are certainly worth a visit. We will certainly be looking out for other Sizzling pubs in the future and will be going back to The Highfield Hotel next time we visit Blackpool.

Rating: 5/5

For more information or to view menus and specials offers visit

The Highfield, Highfield Road, Blackpool, FY4 3LA | 01253 600101


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