Singin In The Rain At Liverpool Empire Review


Reviewed by Alison Robson

24 hours later and I’m still “Singing in the Rain” along with a host of other songs that I never knew came from this iconic musical. You’d think for this period piece to survive from the 1950’s it must have a certain “something” and Singing in the Rain has it in showers. I knew nothing of the musical other than that “Gene Kelly moment” and, whilst on stage this is utterly jaw-drippingly incredible, the rest of the show delivers surprise after surprise of familiar songs and complex routines.

The first few pieces with their slapstick humour routines and dance leave the audience waiting for a big set piece. This soon arrives with the fabulous number “Good Morning” with the three main protagonists demonstrating their fabulous dancing skills and perfect timing, culminating in their tipping over a park bench together before collapsing gently on to the ground.

This production is literally the best Singing in the Rain can get. The singing is pitch perfect from the velvety voice of Sam Lips to the soaring voice of Charlotte Gooch whilst the choreography leaves you breathless and spellbound. Kevin Clifton as Cosmo provides an earthy contrast and an engaging side story.

In challenging and uncertain times Singing in the Rain is the perfect escape into the world of Hollywood glamour. The costumes recreate the period with aplomb whilst the set design is a creative feast on the eye.

Singing in the Rain is not a classic movie and musical for no reason.

The second half explodes onto the stage, with the neon lights of Broadway and fabulous dance sequences from the whole troupe climaxing in a sultry scene with the gorgeous Melody Girl, before Cathy returns to centre stage to entrance the audience. From this point the pace ramps up to the highlight of the production and the moment when it literally starts raining and lovestruck Don Lockwood is so besotted he decides to abandon his umbrella to dance the soaking streets and soak the stalls in the process – much to the amusement of all of those sat further back.

Singing in the Rain is also an immense comedy delivered in the main by the character of Lina Lamont played by Jenny Gayner and the show makes great use of film and screens to tell the story of the dramatic move from Silent Movies to Talking Pictures.

The musical arrangements are perfection, ranging from exquisite romantic tunes to the best n early 20th century jazz.

This is a “must see” show – combining beautiful tunes, perfect musical arrangements and all of the fun of dance – tap, ballet and jazz. I felt the cast were really enjoying themselves and the standing ovation clearly showed that the Liverpool crowd loved it too.

Rating: 5/5

The show is on from Monday 20th June 2022 until Saturday 25th June 2022.

Tickets cost from £13.00 plus a £3.65 transaction fee

For more information or to book tickets please visit Singin’ In The Rain Tickets | Liverpool Empire in Liverpool | ATG Tickets

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