Sing-a-long-a The Greatest Showman at the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham Review


Reviewed by Sandip Stapleton

I took my kids aged 7 and 4 to see Sing-a-long-a The Greatest Showman at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall. We weren’t sure what to expect and thought it was just going to be like going to the cinema to watch a film except with everyone singing along. In basic terms it was just that, but it was much more than that.

Everyone was given a little bag that had a party popper, glow stick candle, clackers, paper doily and a ticket to PT Barnum’s circus on arrival.

Before the show started the bearded lady came on stage and explained what all the bits in the bag were for and which scenes to get them out on. She also taught us some dance moves for one of the musical numbers.

There were so many people out of their seats when the songs were on that we couldn’t help but get on our feet and join in! The song lyrics were always on the screen which got everyone singing along. The atmosphere was a lot of fun. The kids loved it.

Given that there was a bit of chat from the bearded lady at the beginning, half the film, a 20 minute interval, more chat from the bearded lady and then the rest of the film, the total running time was 2 hours 40 minutes which was fine for me and my 7 year old, but my 4 year struggled with the length of time. However, he definitely enjoyed himself and even joined in with the dancing. It was a great way to start our half term!

Rating: 4/5

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