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Today we have Hannah with us from Shine Creative Arts.  Hannah, can you tell us a bit about your business and which areas you cover?

Shine Creative Arts provides drama, dance and music classes for children of all ages and abilities.  We are currently based in Cardiff so provide parties and classes to children in Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly and going up as far as Newport, Bridgend, Port Talbot and out in to the Vale for party entertainment.

Oh fantastic, so quite a wide geographical area then.  

In South Wales. We are expanding all the time so it is quite exciting.

You mentioned party entertainment.  Do you offer quite a wide range of party options for parents?

I do offer different packages depending on the budget of the parents.  You can have a basic party entertainment package where you get your hours entertainment and stickers for all the children, or if you want to spend a bit more money and take a bit more hassle out of the party we can provide pass the parcel or themed invitations so that you really don’t have to worry about all the little extras that are needed for making your party a real success.  Everything done on the day is in a theme and so there is a pirate theme, jungle theme, cheerleading and fairy princess.  These are themes that the children absolutely love and adore and so it makes their party extra special, providing games and activities within those themes.

That’s sounds great.  Obviously this is what you do now.  Did you used to do something different beforehand business wise?

Yes, beforehand I actually worked as a solicitor.  I qualified as a solicitor. I worked at an International law firm, but I felt that what I wanted to move in to was something that I have been doing in my spare time and something that I am passionate about which is working with young people and also working through dance, drama and music.  I decided to set up my own business in 2009.

Great ok. You said you set up your own business.  Was it quite expensive or did you do it bit by bit?

I actually did not need lots of set up costs to set up my own business.  I have spent money as I have gone along by buying more equipment, more resources and props as needed.  The initial set up costs weren’t horrendous at all.  I just went out there and built up a reputation of providing really good quality drama classes and music classes to near 3’s, going into schools and also in community centres and other groups like that.  So, it wasn’t a huge start up cost to me.  As you go along there are obviously more things you can buy to make yourself better and provide a better quality of service.  I’m just ever increasing all the different types of props that I have to make the most of the classes that I do.

Yes, that’s understandable that over time it would amount to quite a lot but it can be handy where you can build up your business bit by bit.  Now obviously you have said that you really do love working with children.  Do I take it that it is so easy to get motivated then all do you struggle?

I think that the motivation to work with young people is something that you have to have in your heart really, something that you have got to be passionate about.  I absolutely love working with children and young people.  Every day I get rewarded by the reaction of children to things we are doing.  Every day I will have a funny little story or a quote of the day of some child or a toddler, something that they have said in my classes which makes me smile.  In terms of business motivation I think that anyone who runs a small business or expanding business will say that you have your up and down days and you need to get yourself into gear.  You are driven if you are passionate about what you do.  Ultimately I think that gets you out of bed in a morning and going forward with your ambitions and your dreams.

Sure.  I think the best feeling, though, is when you do something that doesn’t feel like work.

Yes, definitely.  When you are jumping around and having a good time with children sometimes I forget what time it is and that I need to finish.

Oh I bet.  Obviously I know that you don’t presently offer a franchise of your business.  Is that something you plan to do in the future?

It is something that I am definitely considering down the line.  At the moment I feel that service I provide I wanted the ethos of the tutors that I work with to be of the same nature.  The way that I can best over see that at the moment is working 1 on 1 and taking people on as freelance tutors rather than franchising it out and not having as much say or control over what’s happening.  It is something that I would consider for the future and it is has already expanded considerably really over two years which is very exciting and makes me think that yes five years down the line I dream about covering the whole of South Wales and then going in to England and around the UK.

Yes, well it is nice to have an aim for the future. 

Yes, definitely.

Now can I ask. Do you have a website for your business?

I do, it is

Thank you. I am sure that there will be quite a few people popping over to have a look at that. 

Now, obviously we are called What’s Good to do.  It wouldn’t be right to let you go without asking what you like doing to relax and unwind?

Well I love relaxing with my husband, family and friends, usually just watching a film or meeting up with people.  Obviously doing drama, singing and dancing as a career is because I am passionate about those things so I love singing to music and singing with a band.  That’s something that I do in my spare time to relax myself.

Sounds, great.  Thank you so much for taking the time to come and talk to us today.  It has been great.

It has been a pleasure. Thank you very much.

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