Sherlock Holmes The Best Kept Secret Manchester Review

Sherlock Holmes
The Best Kept Secret


Running until 29 June 2013

Reviewed by Kathy Waldrom

Two years after the Reichenbach Falls, Sherlock Holmes has lost his hunger. Refusing to take on any new cases, he's listless, bankrupt and reduced to selling the stories of his past glories. But when his brother Mycroft is arrested for treason, Holmes is jolted back into action, and along with Watson and the mysterious Irene Adler, he must battle powerful, unknown forces in a race to save Mycroft's life.

With demons of his own to fight, lost in a sea of madness, can Sherlock really save Mycroft from being hanged? Or will the deadly puzzles of the Best Kept Secret be the end of them all?

Firstly the set and lighting are fantastic, Michael Catley creates a set which takes you right into the feel of Victorian England and the creativity is made better as you hardly notice the changes happening before your eyes, transfixed as you become with the story. Lighting and sound is perfectly blended with the set and the incense type smell sent through the theatre at one point makes you feel as if you are right there on Baker Street with them.

Storywise this could have been written by Conan Doyle himself instead of the excellent Mark Catley, who produces a modern day Sherlock played by the amazing Jason Durr, reminiscent of the film character. The plot is great with brother Mycroft accused of treason and the intrepid Watson portraying just the right amount of loyalty, hurt and bemusement as Irene Adler is on the scene.

Holmes has all but lost touch with reality and is brought back from the brink by the beed to save his brother from the gallows.

Each character portrayed superbly and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the show.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

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