Sensual Sorcery by Stella Ralfini Review

Natural Beauty and Health Recipes

Sensual Sorcery

Reviewed by Leigh Jackman

It was a cold rainy day when the book arrived and to be honest, cold and grey was exactly how I was feeling. Fighting the usually array of colds and sniffly children winter was truly starting to bring me down, but Sensual Sorcery by Stella Ralfini was like a breath of fresh spring sunshine.

Sensual Sorcery is a natural beauty and health recipes book, it comes with its own bottle of lavender oil to get you started. On the first flick through it was so exciting as so many of the beauty and health ideas were things I already had in my cupboard. Oats, avocado, potatoes, who would have thought such simple ingredients where such powerful beauty products.

I was keen to experiment with my daughters help, she is avid beauty product user; face packs, nose strips, scrubs and tonics, you name it and she uses it. I was interested to see if the home-made versions lived up to her high standards. I on the other hand am a natural product user and for ever experimenting. We were both not disappointed. 

We planned an evening to experiment; good tunes on and a shopping bag with some of the more unusual ingredients we dived in. We started with an Avocado and carrot mask. Although it didn’t say how to cook the carrot we steamed as vitamin C is water soluble and we thought this was the best bet. Mashing to a smooth paste was a little hard work get the lumps out but the results were lovely the paste had a luxurious feel and we both felt pampered and refreshed after. My skin definitely felt better smoother and less drained.

My daughter loved the Anise star recipe from the black head section and the egg white tip for troubled skin was one we definitely be using regularly. The essential oil facial serum was to die for, although not all the ingredients were easily to hand, it is was so quick to make and so gorgeous on. Although the urine therapy was a step too far for us.

It’s not only about your face, every inch of you is covered in this book including your hair and even recipes to boost you from the inside. The book is broken down into information chapters such as a guide to essential oils and carrier oils. There are more longer-term treatments for cellulite using yarrow root and a coffee grounds scrub. The chapters on health, although not for everyday use, they certainly look helpful for children’s health, hangovers and arthritis. The structure of the book does seem to jump around a bit and can make the book a little difficult to navigate at times. I believe this is because there is just so much information and useful tips in it.

My daughter has asked to borrow Sensual Sorcery for her next sleepover with her friends. I love the fact it can be used as an everyday boost from ingredients we have already at home. It really has brought a sparkle back into our lives on these grey days. It definitely not a book that will be stuck on your bookshelf, but I can see it becoming a book that becomes a firm favourite and one that I will use again and again to share the gorgeous tips with all my friends.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £6.99 (paperback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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