Self Tanning with St Moriz Review

Reviewed by Tracey Stoker

I am a total beginner with self tanning products. I have never used them before but with a holiday fast approaching and a pale body to contend with. I very nervously decided to try and self tan. This could be a total disaster. I looked online at the numerous products and reviews and finally decided on the St Moriz products available at Superdrug. The price was really good value and the reviews were overly good.

I received the Exfoliating Skin Primer (RRP: £4.99), the Gradual Tanning Mousse in medium (RRP: £6.99), an applicator mitt (RRP: £2.99) and the Gradual Tan and Protect Cream (RRP: £9.99) from the St Moriz Professional range. As a total beginner, I read all the instructions a good few times and then nervously started with the skin primer. It was really easy to use, smelt lovely. Bit like a sun cream holiday smell. I used it all over but especially on my knees and elbows as these are the places I was worried about being orange later. After rinsing off, it left my skin feeling silky and soft. So far, so good. Then on to the gradual tanning mousse. I got this in medium colour as didn’t want to go too dark. The bottle said no mess and a streak free finish, so I was hoping that would be true. I was a bit worried as it’s a clear mousse, worried about missing places and ending up streaky. I applied as instructed with the mitt in circular motions and kept my elbows and knees bent. Then it was done. A lot easier than I thought it would be to apply, no mess or lotion everywhere: but how would I look after the 10 hours developing time? Not orange I hoped! I put it on before bed and it didn’t stain my bed sheets or my bed clothes, I was very impressed by that. I also didn’t have that bad fake tan smell either. So, in the morning, I showered it off and and I don’t know why I worried so much. I had a nice even lovely colour, no streaks or orange elbows and knees. I was really happy with it. I would definitely use again and would recommend for beginners like myself.

I also got the gradual tan and protect cream to take away with me to help top up my tan if I needed to. This develops over 4-6 hours and so is great for daytime use. The best and most important thing about this product is that it had SPF factor 30 in it, so protects your skin from getting burnt in the sun. So you get a lovely sun-kissed look without any redness or sunburn. It smells lovely, my skin felt so soft after applying and nice even coverage. I did use the applicator mitt with it. I think you could use this daily over the summer months to boost your natural summer glow, I know I will. I think this is my favourite product out of all of them as so quick and easy and offers sun protection.

If you are wanting a fantastic range of self tanning products without breaking the bank, then try the St Moriz range. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Rating: 5/5

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