Secret Things Everyone Thinks They Are Good At

Humility is a fine thing. It’s the kind of trait that most of us would say that we have; after all, no one likes a person who brags about how wonderful they are.

To an extent, we probably accept that – but then again… there are some things most of us think we’re secretly good at. We wouldn’t announce it to the world, of course! No – we keep those feelings hidden, as if comforted by the secret knowledge that we’re great at something – even if we’re not.

There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, unless it causes problems in your life and relationships. After all, if two people think they are correct in their approach to a solution, then one of them has to be wrong – but it’s unlikely they’ll admit it. The secret belief that we possess a skill that we actually don’t can be insidious – how many of these sound familiar?

You Think You Can… Sing

Singing: what’s so difficult? We can all do it, though how in tune we manage to be is a matter for discussion.

The truth is that while we can focus on pitch and tone, opinions on whether or not a voice is “good” tend to differ. Some people prefer the sound of a deep soul voice, like Barry White. Others prefer the high pitch of boybands like One Direction.

No matter what your preferences for the voices of others, the chances are, you actually think you’re a pretty good singer. Have you ever daydreamed that you could produce a song with quality akin to the professionals? Dreamt of heading into a studio, high-tech headphones on your ears, posture perfect so you can summon the best sound from your ribcage, surrounded by acoustic foam to capture every tuneful note, an encouraging producer behind a glass partition nodding along as you pour your emotions into song?

Yep: so has everyone else.

You Think You Can… Drive Better Than Anyone Else

Road rage is a sad proof of this reality; the feeling that impacts us all when we get behind the wheels of a car. You’re cruising along, hands never drifting from ten-and-two (even though nine-and-three is preferable – but you go with what you were taught), favourite song on the radio and then you cross the path of another driver. Horns blare and harsh words are exchanged, but to top it all off, you both think you were in the right.

It happens all the time on the roads. Everyone seems to be a much worse driver than you are, and even if you might be at fault for an incident, you’ll litter the circumstances with caveats. The sun was in your eyes! The steering wheel was slippy!

Any excuse but acknowledging you might have made a mistake will do.

So Is It A Problem?

There’s nothing wrong with confidence in your own abilities. In fact, it’s a good sign, particularly with driving. A lack of confidence, and indecision when driving, can cause accidents just as easily as arrogance can. However, it’s worth remembering that someone has to be wrong sometimes. Maybe you can’t sing; maybe you’re not the best driver in the world – not that you’d ever admit it, of course.

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