SEA LIFE Scarborough Review

Reviewed by Helen Noble

On our arrival we were warmly welcomed by the staff, we were given a map of the centre as well as a list of the feeding times within the SEA LIFE areas. We were informed that the we could come and go from the venue using our tickets.

We were asked if we would like a photograph as a memento of our visit, there was no pressure to have this done.

We had a fabulous time looking at the array of fish within the first section as we have a marine fish tank at home, so we spent quite a well spotting the ones we knew and reading up about the ones we didn’t know on the information boards and televisions that are dotted around the various areas. You could get a really close up look of them and the rays were absolutely awesome to watch. Also within each area there were interactive and sensory games for the children to complete.

The viewing of the fish was fantastic for all no matter how tall or short you are. Look out for the octopus very fascinating to watch and was not shy. You are allowed to take photographs as long as flash is not used. Unfortunately, the outdoor penguin walkway was closed due to recent bird flu, but you were able to view them from the various viewing areas as well as the dome viewing window. From here you enter the outdoor adventure playground with picnic benches that have Perspex windows at each one with a breath-taking view of the Scarborough coast, the option to purchase ice cream and donuts from the Beach Bites kiosk for a quick snack break.

The otters and seals are really cute to watch swimming and playing in the water. There are large billboards with the names and ages of each seal and a bench seating area under a marquee for viewing during feeding times.

Going back into the centre you enter the touch and feel section with shells, crabs and other small invertebrates, there are hand wash basins provided for use afterwards.

In the corridor there are pothole viewing windows at various heights toddler up to adult, here you can spot the turtle and sharks but if you ever wanted to look under sea well you can when you enter the underwater tunnel, although only a short walk it is enough to get an even better view of the extremely large turtle and the sharks and see them swimming over your head.

Upstairs, or via lift, there are other small sea life creatures, here you have the opportunity to purchase the photographs you had taken earlier. There is a small restaurant where you can buy refreshments and something to eat.

On the ground floor prior to exiting there is a shop selling cuddly sea life creatures and various other sea life souvenirs.

The tour took us around 90 minutes including a coffee but if you have children with you it would take longer with stopping to play the interactive elements and using the adventure playground.

The venue is accessible for wheelchair users and pushchairs with plenty of signs to inform you which way to go.

The SEA LIFE centre is based in North Scarborough, it is clearly sign posted on the main road before the turn off down to the venue.

There is a large parking area to which payment can be made via cash, card or mobile at a cost of £4 for three hours or you could pay more and visit the surrounding area as well as having the option of entering the centre again with the day entry ticket given. There are ample disabled parking bays although blue badge is not exempt from parking fees.

SEA LIFE Scarborough is highly recommended! Well worth a visit! A great added attraction for a family day out!

Rating: 5/5

Tickets cost from £9.50 (book online to get the cheapest prices – saving up to 50%).

For more information or to book tickets visit

Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary, Scalby Mills, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 6RP

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