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Satisfyer Men Vibration Review

We have all seen the shops in the shopping centres and in town that offer pleasure devices to spice up your love life, be they to use by yourself or with a partner, and they are mostly aimed at women. I am fully aware of the different devices and toys that women have available at their fingertips (sometimes quite literally), but what about us men? As I was about to find out, there are electronic vibrators available for us as well.

Women’s pleasure toys seem to be a mainstream item these days, and not so taboo and with little stigma attached; it is quoted that between 48% to 75% to women own at least one. If a woman were to say she was going to an adult shop, you’d imagine the high street stores that everybody knows, if a man were to say the exact same thing it probably brings a whole different and seedy image to mind, even though they’re probably the same shop! I’d likely think the same.

Quite frankly, if someone mentioned a gadget to bring pleasure to a man to me, my mind would probably go to a new electronic gizmo like a new computer tablet or smartphone, not a vibrator for men! I had no idea things like this existed, never mind contemplated buying one!

Satisfyer kindly offered me their Satisfyer Men Vibration, a vibrator for men, for review. Having never used anything like that before, I agreed, albeit with a little apprehension and goading by my partner (she seemed more excited by the idea than me!).

If they were imagining a vibrator, I’d imagine most people would think of something long and cylindrical, but this is quite different. At first glance, stood on the bedside cabinet, it looks like a black and grey football shirt, so it is quite discreet looking. The main bulk of the body is plastic with very supple skin-friendly silicone making up the rest.

Out of the box it needs a couple of hours to charge. If comes with a nifty little USB charging cable that I haven’t seen or used before – it is magnetic! It doesn’t come with the USB plug adapter, but everybody will have one of these with their phone, tablet, camera and other USB devices like Alexa so it isn’t a problem (I have a drawer full of spares as I imagine most households do). To charge, you just plug it in and clip the magnetic ends onto the magnetic points on top of the Satisfyer. You don’t have to worry about looking for batteries. You can’t use it while charging, and if you try to charge while it is on it will just cut out. It has a 1100mAh battery that takes around 2½ hours to fully charge and this gives use about 1 hour of use – I’d imagine more than enough for most men!

It features 2 super-strong power motors, 14 vibration programs, skin-friendly silicone, is waterproof (IPX7) so that you can even use it in the shower, is rechargeable and has an insertion depth of 7cm.

So, after a little trepidation I gave it a go. While it wasn’t quite as good as the real thing, it is very pleasurable and would be great for if you are on your own, your partner has a headache, or to use with your partner to get in the mood. It is very easy to use by holding it in the palm of your hand and controlling the buttons with your thumb. You can go through the 3 intensities and 8 rhythms with ease, each giving a completely different feeling and pleasurable experience. There are enough power settings to suit everybody’s mood and desire.

As a newbie to male toys, I have tried this alone and with my partner and I can say it certainly is a very pleasurable experience. It massages quite well at all the various cycles and better still, you are in control as you press the buttons, so the intensity is exactly as you want it and the rolling vibration is definitely something you should try!

So, if you are man that wants to try something a bit different and a pleasurable experience, whether single or as part of a couple, then I can highly recommend it. At £44.95 it really isn’t a massive expense, but one that is worth it.

And if you are worried about the postman knowing what you have bought, don’t be – every item is 100% despatched in neutral packaging.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £44.95 (with free postage)

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