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Sara Signature Sew Homemade – Button Factory Review

Reviewed by Katie Allen

I have recently tried out the 22mm size Sara Signature Sew Homemade Button Factory from Crafters Companion. Having made my own buttons in the past I was intrigued to see how this one would work. The small cardboard packet arrived easily through the post. Inside the enclosed cellophane envelope was a transparent template plus a small button pot, a red plastic pusher tool and 20 inner and outer metal pieces. The only instructions are pictures on the outside of the cardboard box.

Using the supplied plastic template, I cut out my fabric carefully and placed it in the potholder. Pressing down carefully with my fingers I made sure the fabric fitted tightly into the bottom. Fitting in the button outer section I ensured all the fabric was wrapped around the metal. Introduce the metal inner making sure you have it the correct way around. In my first attempt I placed it upside down and was puzzled as to why it didn’t clip in place. You need to check that the button shank is pointing upwards to enable you to sew it on to your project later. Watch that all the fabric is gathered nicely between the upper and lower parts. Position the red plastic tool into place and push hard until it clicks. I found it a little hard initially but soon got the knack. Result; an attractive fabric button to enhance your sewing. 

I suggest that if you plan to use a chiffon type fabric you perhaps line it first with a little iron on interfacing to give it some body and weight. Sometimes a small amount of wadding can also be used but not too much or the inner piece will not clip on. Packets of button refills are also available if you need more in future. Just keep your template and tool safely for next time. 

Having used fabric buttons on a few dresses and outfits in the past I was pleased to find that the circle template was transparent. This greatly aids ‘fussy cutting’ whereby you place the fabric design carefully and thereby show off a flower, animal or perhaps motif to the best advantage. Fabric buttons make your homemade cushions and pillows look expensive and greatly add to the overall effect on your tote and handbags. Try them on cheap bunting to give a cohesive look to your party or family occasion. I am sure that with a little help your children would be able to use them to personalise their belongings. Having talked with other people I believe that they can also be used with a design paper pad, using a wax paper to aid removal. I have never used them this way but may try it in future.

A great addition to any family sewing box. 

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £10.99

For more information or to buy visit www.crafterscompanion.co.uk.

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