Safari Adventures The Whole Family Will Love

When you consider taking your kids to see their favourite African animals, you know you’re in for a treat. Maybe you’re keen to see a landscape like no other on Earth? There are so many reasons to take on an African Safari. It may not be the cheapest holiday you can take. But it will certainly be the richest in amazing experiences that your whole family will love:

Big Cats

Kids and grown-ups love big cats. If your kids are older, you may be keen to see the big cats in action. The prides of Duba in Botswana are renowned for their daytime hunting. It’s the rawest nature up close and personal so may not be for the faint-hearted. Few safaris offer the opportunity to see big cats in action, so this is definitely one for the cat-loving family. The Zambezi Valley in Zambia is another place to hear big cats roar. The safaris occur at night and include leopards as well as Lions.

Big cats like lions can be seen lazing in the sun in their pride on many of the different safaris on offer. This is the most common approach and is usually safe and fun for all the family. Cheetahs are quite common in the Tanzania parks. It is quite an experience to see them running at full speed as they hunt their prey. Seeing these incredible animals in their natural habitat is certainly an experience of a lifetime.


While there are some places on our little planet where you can ride an elephant, seeing them in the wild is an incredible experience. There are plenty of places you can spot herds of elephants. Many often have young ones with them which are always a winner when you have the kids with you. The Maasai Mara is one of the best places to see a huge variety of native African beasts. Zebras and elephants can be spotted easily on the many tours that are available for those who come here for a safari adventure.

The Zambezi River is full of rich animal and plant life. It flows through the region and attracts elephants. You can see them taking a bath, or just playing with the water. The animals that come here do so for more than just survival. There is almost a playground attitude as they cool off in the water and laze in the grasses on the banks.


There is something very special about the Gorillas of Africa. You can sometimes find a tour that will take you very close to their home. This may not be ideal for very small children as calm and quiet is essential when you are this close to these incredible beasts. Rwanda hasn’t been the safest of tourist spots either in recent years. But it is one of the most incredible places in the world if you love Gorillas.

Whether you choose a big hotel, or you’re camping out under canvas, you must make sure you protect yourself against the risk of malaria. You can buy malaria tablets online if you are entering high-risk areas as part of your safari. There are several high-risk areas in Africa, and Rwanda is currently considered to be one of them.

It is thought that spending time in the company of Gorillas can be completely life changing. It’s no wonder it is considered an experience of a lifetime. Many describe looking into the eyes of a male gorilla as being deeply intense and even communicative. It could be the most amazing thing you ever do!


For a true taste of the Africa we want to explore, you may want to head to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. It can be incredibly remote, and many safari experiences here are for just a small number of people at a time. You’re likely to be camping here, enjoying the uninterrupted views and the amazingly bright stars.

There is plenty of wildlife and plant life to enjoy here. But it’s the big blue skies that set this area apart from so many others. Hear the birds, insects, and beasts in all directions for miles and miles. The Kalahari lion has an iconic black mane, and the birds are never far away from the few sparse trees that dot the landscape.

African safaris are an incredibly rewarding holiday. Not all activities may be ideal for very small children, but your family is sure to love the life and wilds of Africa. Whether you’re looking for animals, plants, or the biggest skies you’ve ever seen, a safari will rarely disappoint.

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