Royal Pains Season One Review


Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Mark Feuerstein, Paulo Costanzo, Jill Flint, Reshma Shetty, Campbell Scott
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 535 minutes
Number of Discs: 3
Number of Episodes: 12
Format: DVD
Release Date: 6 July 2015

Dr Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein), a very successful New York City ER doctor, gets fired from his job after a very generous and wealthy hospital benefactor dies in his care while he sees to a patient in more desperate need of his help.

Down on his and feeling sorry for himself Hank’s brother Evan (Paul Constanzo) takes him for a weekend away to the splendour and wealth of the Hamptons where at a party he comes to the rescue of a billionaire’s friend which changes his life. He is asked to stay on as concierge doctor, a 24 on-call doctor, for Boris (Campbell Scott), a mysterious and reclusive billionaire. After agreeing to stay and with the help on Evan, HankMed is born with Hank soon becoming a doctor to the rich and famous in one of America’s most affluent neighbourhoods. He becomes a doctor that makes house calls.

Overall, Royal Pains is an excellent medical comedy drama that is a joy to watch. Paul Constanzo is excellent as the light-hearted, easy going financial manager of HankMed to Mark Feuerstein’s all business and serious doctor.

Rather than just being another medical drama, Dr Hank Lawson is the MacGyver of emergency medicine and will use anyone available to help his patients and comes up with some interesting ways to save lives and heal his patients.

If you haven’t seen Royal Pains on television then you are in for a treat with this DVD.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

Royal Pains Season is available to pre-order/buy from Fabulous Films here.


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