Romantics Anonymous Review

Romantics Anonymous


Reviewed by Shelley East

Romantics Anonymous is a funny story about Angelique (Isabelle Carre') and Jean-Rene (Beniot Poelvoorde). The film was subtitled in English as is spoken in French. Both the main characters suffer with uncontrollable shyness. They both meet when John Rene hires Angelique as a sales associate. The Chocolatier's company was struggling financially and hires Angelique who is a famous and gifted chocolate maker. She falls in love with her boss and anonymously develops a new distinctive range to save his company.

Some of the scenes are really heart-warming and reminded me of two teenagers new to the world of romance and the new experiences of falling in love. It also evokes shock which makes you laugh too! The film lasts approx 90mins and is all things 'French' with food, wine, chocolates, history and art! 

An easy watch!

Rating: 3/5

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