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Alex & Layla Wilde

“Six Months with ‘What’s Good To Do’

We joined ‘What’s Good To Do’ (WGTD) in August 2019 on the recommendation of a friend and, without a doubt, its one of the best decisions we have ever made. To date, as a family, we have enjoyed a dozen free experiences and products!

So what is it?

WGTD is a family and friends run community which brings together reviews of days out, theatrical and musical productions, a vast range of products and services, online in one place to inform and guide consumers. The majority of the reviews are written by volunteers like us in exchange for free tickets to the theatre, days out/overnight stays and complimentary products to keep and test at home.

How have we benefited from it?

For us, the majority of our reviews have been of theatre or musicals, either as a couple or with our children – the first being ‘Madagascar the Musical’ at Stoke Regent Theatre If we are lucky, we go to the theatre three times a year, since August we have had eight free visits, all Stall seats (costing on average £35 per ticket) – including the circus and a panto! Unbelievably, at most venues, you are treated like Press and receive complimentary drinks, snacks and a programme. We have also had a day out at Ironbridge which saved us £66. As well as hand full of products, including a new to market Skip Hop Ride on Toy which made for an amazing 1st Birthday present for our niece.

WGTD has enhanced our family time and given us more opportunities, we can’t thank them enough!

How do you get involved?

Community members have a private forum (and Facebook Group) on which they can request tickets, experiences, products or services to review. Multiple members may request the same item, however Debbie & Dot are very good at ensuring that items are distributed fairly. You can request as much or as little as you wish, there’s plenty to go round!

Is there a cost?

Yes: time taken to enjoy the experience- which could be an evening at the theatre, a day out with the family, or a week to test a product; time to write a minimum 500 word review (we’ve found this takes approximately 2 to 3 hours and it’s important to get it right – low quality reviews diminish the brand); plus there’s a £40 annual administration fee.

It sounds too good to be true.

We thought the same! So we did our homework, as well as visiting the main website, we browsed their Facebook and Twitter pages of WGTD – you’ll see the posts of reviews by numerous people and how they have been liked or reposted by theatres/companies.

There are lots of PR and Marketing agencies out there who are eager for consumers to review their products. Debbie, Dot & D**** are just sharing the benefits and workload.

We highly recommend WGTD to family and friends, the larger the community the better for everyone – more people equals more presence online and more interest from agencies.

If you enjoy trips to the theatre, days out or new products and have the time to write the reviews, join today – you won’t regret it!”  

Joanna Woodburn

“When a colleague enthusiastically recommended ‘What’s Good To Do’ to us we were initially sceptical. It really did sound too good to be true! We browsed the website and took the plunge, paying the most reasonable £40 annual administration fee. Just a few months on and we would never have imagined how many wonderful experiences and products we would enjoy in such a short space of time! It has been one of the best decisions we have ever made and we are truly grateful.

When you join the team of ‘What’s Good To Do’ reviewers you will become part of a friendly community of people across the UK contributing reviews written by real people to the online guide. You are guaranteed your £30 or £40 administration fee in for example, free top tickets to the theatre, days out and great products over the year – as long as you actively put your name down for reviews. There really isn’t anything to lose!

For us personally, ‘What’s Good To Do’ has very quickly become an important and much appreciated part of our life. ‘What’s Good To Do’ is an honest, hard-working, family run business, and we were warmly welcomed and quickly felt part of the team. In exchange for reviews, we have enjoyed so many amazing experiences, with a rich variety of theatre and musical shows, with top press tickets as well as complimentary drinks!

When writing reviews it is also great to know that you are promoting the experience and appreciation of British theatre and drama as well as supporting up-and-coming actors and production companies. Through encouraging theatre-going, the team at ‘What’s Good To Do’ play a crucial role in supporting the work of regional theatres across the country.

Although most of our reviews have been experience based, the products we have received have been of excellent quality and well received by the family.

We now tell all our family and friends about ‘What’s Good To Do’! We really can’t recommend it highly enough!”  

Rachel Cassey-Holland

“I’m into my third year now of being part of the What’s Good To Do Reviewer group and I absolutely love it. For a small annual amount you more than make back your membership fee in reviews and the diversity and quality of the reviews can be amazing. From baby clothes and accessories, to toiletries, kids’ toys, home equipment, amazing days out, breaks abroad, spa days and a fantastic trip to the pantomime and so much more, there is something for everyone. I couldn’t recommend the experience more highly.”   .

Jo Hardy

“I only joined “What’s Good to Do” at the start of this year and wish I’d done it years ago ,it is so much fun ,I am always looking at the group page to see what new products are available to review and I have been amazed at the quality and range of products that Debbie and her team manage to source.It is such a thrill when you get notified that you have been chosen to do a review and then a bigger thrill when the package arrives at your door for you to review.In the two months that I have been a member I have already received products worth more than my membership fee. As long as you are prepared to write the 500 word review I see no reason that you would be disappointed with your membership.” 

Emma Rogers

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch” but for a small annual fee, there is the opportunity to dine out and review at top restaurants, have new and exciting products delivered to your door on a regular basis, days out and even short breaks all for the exchange of writing a 500+ word review for the What’s Good To Do website. I have been to places I never imagined, tested products that I would never have thought of trying and all because of the site. I don’t think this lifestyle would ever allow me to give up being a reviewer, it’s so much fun and so worthwhile if you have the time.” 

Tricia Shaw

“My kids keep thanking me for being a reviewer. I have been a member of the group since June 2013 and have now done 51 reviews. I have had the pleasure of seeing many amazing shows and we have had some brilliant family days out. All opportunities that we would not have had if I hadn’t found whatsgoodtodo.” 

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