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Revell My Arts Sand Picture Review

MyArtsSandPicture1My Arts Sand Picture

Reviewed by Kelly Faulkner

I showed my 6 year old son the Revell My Arts Sand Picture set and he was eager to open the box and have a go. Inside the box there were four pictures to choose from on thin card, they were:

•a penguin on a surfboard
•a monster
•a mouse holding a flower
• a dog holding a bone

My son chose the monster design.

Also in the box were eight bags of coloured sand:
•light blue
•light green

Also include was a pink plastic stick used for peeling off the stickers revealing the sticky areas to cover in the sand. We saw on the picture there were different numbered areas, numbered from 1-8, each number representing a colour of sand, shown in the instruction leaflet supplied.

We put the monster picture inside a plastic tray supplied in the box and chose a number to start with which happened to represent the colour red. Using the stickers we peeled off the selected numbered areas, this is quite fiddly and has to be done very carefully as the stickers can easily tear so I ended up doing most of this part of the activity. Then we opened the bag of sand and sprinkled it onto the picture. My son used the stick to spread the sand around the areas, then we tipped the excess sand into the tray and then back into the bag with can be tricky and we did end up spilling a small amount. The sand stuck very well to the desired areas. We then carried on doing the same with the other numbers/colours.


My son isn’t normally a fan of craft activities but he really enjoyed doing this and as he needed some help completing it, it was an ideal opportunity to spend quality time together. The picture took about 15 minutes to complete which is just right for this age group. The finished picture turned out very well and could be framed but my son decided to use it as a poster on his wall. There is ample amount of sand left to complete the other 3 pictures another time.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £9.99

Revell My Arts are available from all good toy and model retailers. For details visit


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