Rejuvenation Water Review

Reviewed by Catherine Norris

Rejuvenation Water is spring water which is naturally flavoured and sweetened, as well as being enriched with amino acids -“the building blocks of protein”. Protein is of course responsible for cell renewal and so sufficient protein in the body maintains healthy systems and bodily functions and can ensure our immune system is at its best, and contribute to us looking and feeling great. I sampled all three of the flavours currently available: Spanish Orange, Ginger & Lime and the 2016 great taste award winner – Apple & Mint. All flavours were great tasting and incredibly refreshing but my personal favourite was Spanish Orange. I would have liked the Ginger and Lime to be a little stronger on the ginger, and Apple and Mint to have been slightly weaker with the mint. However, having said that, I really liked that the drinks were tantalizing for the taste buds without being overpowering or very sweet.

These drinks are delightfully packaged, in clear bottles with cream labels and black text to clearly state what the product is. A little colour is strategically used which corresponds to the flavour of the drink and the result is simple yet sophisticated. The bottles are completely recyclable and easy to open. They have a screw top lid with a foil pull seal to maximise freshness. After opening, the drinks must be consumed within 24 hours. I opened mine in the morning and popped it into my handbag with my keys and phone, and took it to work with me. I had no leaks what so ever.

Overall these were great tasting and I really liked the idea of getting extra protein through a bottle of water. I also liked that the sweetener used in these drinks is stevia as I am generally not comfortable with having sweeteners, but as stevia is naturally sourced, I was happy with that. I would recommend these drinks and I would continue to use them myself as I think continual use would be needed to see the benefits on the body.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £22.99 (case of 12)

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