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Today we have Rachel from Razzle Dazzle Cheerleading with us. Rachel, can you tell us a bit about your business please?

Yes of course, basically we are based in the South East currently and we provide anything cheerleading.  We do cheerleading birthday parties, hen parties, classes, workshops, after school clubs and we also provide cheerleaders for events and promotions as well, so quite a lot.

It does, you have quite a scope then for children, adults, businesses?   Now can I ask, was this what you have always done or did you do something else before?

I have always been a dancer, I came into cheerleading slightly later on.  I have been dancing since about the age of 3 and I also did my degree in dance so always kind of had that kind of hat on as it were, and cheerleading I actually started while I was at University so I joined the University cheerleading squad and kind of went from there really.  I have found my love for it and I’m still doing it now.

That is great, and I must admit it must be great for fitness as well?

Yes, it is brilliant and because also it is fun as well, it is something that people want to do, it doesn’t feel like you are forcing yourself to go down the gym, you are having a bit of fun as well which makes it easier for people I think.

So, obviously you have just said that it is fun.  Do you find it hard sometimes to get motivated?

Occasionally, I think we all do, when the sun is shining and you would rather be down the beach or something, I think everyone would rather be doing that rather than working, but it is definitely a lot easier doing something you really love and that you are passionate about and I think that anyone else who runs their own business will understand that as well and be able to relate to it.  You know, you’ve chosen to do something that you enjoy and you know it is a lot easier to get yourself up in the morning and do it because you have got a bit of pride in it as well.

Sure, now obviously you said that you started your business, did you find any particular resources helpful along the way?

To be honest I was very much on my own I kind of felt, I mean I wasn’t really sure, not having ever done it before obviously, I wasn’t really sure where to look and I started straight it out of university so I was also quite young really as well and not having a lot of experience so I wasn’t really sure where to necessary turn to.  Luckily my father runs his own business as well so I got a lot of help and guidance from him really so I didn’t really go out too much further than that.  Currently I am finding now I’m getting into the whole networking thing and finding that really helpful, so people more than anything I have found the biggest help I think I would say.

Sure, it is surprising, I mean I had help, even from competitors who said “don’t do it like that”, it is really great how lovely people can be.

It is really good to find out how supportive people are and a couple of little networking groups.  I go to one called the Monkronairs networking club and they are fantastic.  I have found a lot of them quite formal and this is really quite informal and you can just really have a chat and get to know people because it is the same people that go week in week out and you really kind of build a rapport with people and I find that a lot more beneficial to be honest.

Understandable.  Now obviously I know that you don’t franchise your business but do you still cover different areas but using other people?

Yes, I mean we have got a few coaches on at the moment.  As I said earlier, we are predominantly in the South East but I am looking for other people, either in the South East or elsewhere who would be looking to run the parties and the after school clubs and stuff in their area.  We don’t offer it as a franchise, basically I would still do all the admin work and make it a lot easier for people, and this obviously means that they don’t have to pay for any start up costs, and they literally just get told where to go and when basically.  So it makes a lot easier for people and a bit more manageable I think.

Yes, that, so obviously you do have a website so can we have your website address please?

Yes, we have just recently relaunched it as well so it is looking nice and squanky and new.  It is

Right, fantastic. What do you like doing to relax and unwind?

Yes, I know, tell me about it.  I mean obviously I dance myself as well.  I’m looking to, I’ve met a lady recently who offered pole dancing classes and I think I’m going to join that, that sounds fantastic as well.  Good bit of getting fit there as well.  Generally just meeting up with friends and family really, you know, I like to go down to the pub as much as anybody else, a nice meal and basically just chill out a bit really.

Thank you so much for talking to us today.

Thank you.

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