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Razor Party Pop Scooter Review

RazorPartyPopRazor Party Pop Scooter

Reviewed by Brian Grehan

Over the years we have numerous scooters in the house but none that I can remember caused an ear piercing shriek of delight like the Razor Party Pop scooter when it was delivered to us (from a 9 year old girl I might add, not me!). I’d like to tell you how nice the packaging was but it didn’t last that long for me to make any judgement on it so eager was our little reviewer to get going on it.

Of course she had to wait with a little impatience as there was a little bit of assembly required. This was easy and straightforward and once adjusted to the correct height off she went. Once you step onto it you activate the pulsating multi-coloured lights. So off she went, scooting around with lights flashing from the deck. I tried my best to keep up with her to take a picture but as I am fast approaching that hill that people keep telling me I’m nearly over I failed miserably.

She particularly likes the lights on the board and this makes it special for her as no one else has one yet! I am sure however that some purchases will be made locally to keep up with her! The design is funky and stylish and best of all it goes fast.

The shrieks of delight increased the more it was used. Being the best scooter in the neighbourhood there was a little bit of envy among her friends but she is so kind that she let them have a go on it but not too long as she was so keen to have it back as it puts all the other scooters in the shade!

The shrieks of delight indicate a definite hit. Add some music and it will be a disco on wheels.

Full Feature List:

– Steel t-tube and frame
– Foam grips
– Urethane wheels
– 12 multi-color LED lights, polypropylene deck
– Patented rear fender brake
– Two CR2032 lithium batteries (included and replaceable)

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Suitable age: 6 years + | Max weight: 143lbs (65kg)

RRP: £39.99

Available to buy from Argos here.


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