Puro Sound BT-5200 Wireless Headphones Review


Reviewed by Michelle Wright

The Puro Sound BT-5200 is a Studio Grade wireless headphone set, I had the pleasure of testing these and I wasn’t disappointed.

So let’s start with the packaging; presented in a very stylish white box with impressive graphics on the front gives the first impression that it looks quality, the front cover slides off and opens up in a photo album like way, where you are presented with a circular black carry case that looks like a mobile speaker, that keeps in tune with the design and quality of the product.

The headphones are in a light brown head strap that is cushioned with gold coloured arms and headsets with a chrome trim and bold switches and buttons, giving this a feel of a high quality, retro set of headphones.

The headset takes approximately 4 hours to charge, (not sure if that’s a good thing or not!) but once charged the setting up is very easy where it is simply paired with any type of device that has Bluetooth capability. Once this is done which takes a matter of seconds you are ready to use!

The feel of the headsets are very comfortable, with extending headband to suit the large or small adult head, once they are on your ears the ‘seal’ to your ear is very good, with the use of leather ear cushions, the sound is retained and would not be lost whilst in use.

The sound quality is excellent, with extremely good bass and crystal clear sound without any interference, I have tested this on a number of devices; (laptop, PC and iPad) and the sound quality is excellent on each of them. The battery level appears to be good so far, however longer testing would be required to get the best impression for its longevity when using at its safety level for up to eight hours.

The system has a special feature called ‘Healthy Ears’ which is designed to maintain the volume control to an acceptable level for your ears, whilst a manual function, it monitors the level of sound and works in a Red/Yellow/Green indicator on the side of the headset. This doesn’t hinder the quality or the sound levels whilst in use, but is a very good safety feature to have whilst using the product in a safe way.

The product comes with a number of accessories such as a carry case, USB charging cable, quick start guide and auxiliary audio cable, should you prefer to use on a device without Bluetooth.

Overall I would rate this product 4½ out of 5, with the battery power yet to be fully tested, but a highly recommended product and thoroughly enjoyed testing this one!

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £129.99

For more information visit www.purosound.co.uk. Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 half Star

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