Primo Bar Review

Primo Bar
Park Plaza Hotel, London

Reviewed by Emily Draycott

Friday night as the corporate world comes to its weekend and you'd think that a classy, well appointed, comfy seating bar with cocktail happy hour would be rammed – but no. Primo bar in the Park Plaza Hotel is still quiet. I want it to be busy but then we wouldn't have the choice of a cosy velvet couch against the wall, a trendy leather sofa or deep swivel chairs.

Given that Primo are putting so much effort into their menus, live acts and promotion it's surprising that we have to ask for directions twice within the hotel. Curb side marketing most certainly is not up to scratch – but then a bit of exclusivity and effort are lacking in most venues these days and its nice to come across a place that hasn't been "tacked" or "tweeted" by all and sundry, once in a while.

The cocktails are exquisite. Real time and attention has been paid to come up with something different without pages and pages of sickly standards. Any cocktail that comes served with a big red chilli even means my other half has no problem drinking from a martini glass for a couple of rounds.

Likewise the food is simple, tasty and reasonably priced. The cocktail tables mean that large napkins and baby wipes may be called upon but the pork sandwich was so divine I can forgive the extra trip to the loo to wash my fingers.

The entertainment on offer is live and varied. Much nicer than the usual blaring beats from most London cocktail bars, but Primo still feels like a hotel bar. Coming away I feel like I've been short changed on a mini break missing out on the crisp white sheets and room service breakfast that was undoubtedly available on the 15 floors above us.

Overall if you're looking for a central venue with excellent service, cocktails and food, room to breathe and still hear yourself think then Primo is worth hunting out. 

Rating: 4/5

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