Prestel An Atlas of Legendary Places Book By Volker Mehnert And Claudia Lieb Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

The school’s are returning this week after the long summer break.  My children are back and beginning to settle in after having a rest and are feeling ready for the new school year.  This time of year I like to make sure my children are prepared for the new term with all the essentials they need.  Plus I like to make sure we are well prepared at home too so that I can help their learning and with homework.

We are a family of book lovers with us all finding time to read each day.  We also have a collection of Non-Fiction books for reference which often come in useful when my children are studying a particular topic at school.

An Atlas of Legendary Places by Volker Mehnert and Claudia Lieb is published by Prestel next month on the 3rd October.  This non fiction title explores some of the most magical and legendary places around the globe from Atlantis to The Milky Way.  The book is only eighteen pages long but the book itself is huge in size.  This allows for big illustrations inside.  I’ve also found the large size has allowed for both my children to sit side by side and enjoy looking at the book together.

The book begins with a world map contents page which pinpoints the different locations around the world and which page they can be found on.  Right away I could see how beautiful and interesting this book was going to be.

There are many places to learn about.  Far off places my children had heard of such as Easter Island as well as those closer to home like Stonehenge.  There are also wonderful places to read about such as Uluru in Australia which none of us knew a lot about.

Each page is absolutely beautiful with a full colour background and illustrations and the text printed over the top. There is plenty of interesting information without the writing being overwhelming for my children to read.  The text is in small paragraphs dotted over the double page spread making it bite sized and easy to read.  The pages are thick paper, you can feel how high quality this book is.

My children already have an interest in the world and history so have enjoyed reading sections that have caught their interest.  Now they are back to school this is going to be so useful for helping them have further reading and understanding at home of topics they will be covering this year.  For example they will be studying Ancient Egypt and so the page on the Tomb of Tutankhamun will interest them.

Overall, this is a beautiful book and a lovely addition to your bookcase at home ready for going back to school.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

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