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Curious Duke Gallery, the home of emerging art organisation Premiere Art, has a recently opened at 207 Whitecross street, just off Old Street. Founded by 24 year old Eleni Duke, she states ‘I want to provide a platform of opportunity for artists to exhibit and sell artwork in a London gallery at minimal cost and to help them to establish a career with their talent.’ A graduate from Kent University with a degree in History and Philosophy of Art, Eleni has always wanted to establish a career in an art organisation, however, with the economic climate and the government not looking likely to supply funding to the arts to aid the recovery of the prior job losses in the creative sector, Eleni has taken the climate into her own hands.

The highly competitive world of the art industry, is now mainly offering unpaid work or “internships” to help with the first steps on to the art career ladder. Interns are often over exploited; they work the same hours that paid employees work and are sometimes not even offered travel expenses. 'When coming to this realisation it seemed only sensible to use the money that would normally be spent on travel and food to create my own opportunity and start my own venture that would ensure full time employment if successful’ Eleni says.

Premiere Art and Curious Duke Gallery are situated in Whitecross Street, which has been proclaimed the hippest street in London by the Guardian newspaper(http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2011/jun/06/london-gateshead-hippest-street-award), and Eleni is happy to be a part of a thriving economic and artistic zone of London.

Curious Duke Gallery & Premiere Art curate fortnightly themed exhibitions that showcase the most exciting and innovative of new talent and undiscovered artists.

The gallery space is cosy and intimate, and aims to provide an antidote to the pretentious intimidating environments that a lot of independent galleries are associated with, making art less elitist and more accessible to the public.

Those who intend to buy art as an investment are becoming more and more drawn to the emerging art market as opposed to the already high price high end art. Work from emerging artists will never falter as a financial investment and, one will and actively support the contemporary British art scene and possibly aid the discovery of the next Tracey Emin or Damien Hirst.

For more information on Curious Duke Gallery and Premiere Art please visit www.premiereart.co.uk.

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