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L Shaped Pillow

Reviewed by Kayreen Di Folco

I was asked to review an L-Shape pregnancy pillow, which at 6 months pregnant, was just what I needed. The pillow came securely wrapped in plain packaging. Inside were a few fliers about comfort and well-being in pregnancy, one of which with postures which may help in late pregnancy. This was really handy to have and I actually have adopted a few of the poses already. The pillow description told me it was made for comfort and support with ‘ultra-cosy designs’ to help with niggling aches and pains. To say I was looking forward to getting comfortable was an understatement.

On opening the inner packaging, I found that the pillow was a gorgeous deep purple colour with valour material, I was cosy indeed! It was very soft to touch and appeared high quality. I was keen to try it out so I set it up on my couch and popped a movie on the TV. I was so comfortable for the duration of the movie as when I needed to move, the L-Shape design made it easy for me to use in many different positions of sitting and lying. The pillow offered me comfort and support around back and hips, shoulders and under my knees all at the same time.

I haven’t sat on my couch or been to bed without the pillow since it arrived. I definitely feel less aches and pains around my lower back and hips in the morning. Moving at night is comfortable now as I have the pillow supporting the offending pressure areas.

I will continue to use the pillow for the remainder of my pregnancy and beyond. The shape of the pillow will allow me to continue using it after my baby is born for feeding. It will offer both myself and baby support during feeding times which is precisely what is needed. Sitting feeding for long periods can get extremely uncomfortable, especially if mum is supporting baby herself. With the use of the pillow, comfort will be felt by both of us.

Pregnancy Pillows offer a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours of supportive pillows for use during pregnancy and post-natal, covering something for everyone.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: Classic £20 | Original £25 | Premium £30

Available to buy from Pregnancy Pillows here.


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