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Pott’d Home Air-Dry Clay Pottery Kit Review


Reviewed by Helen O

I’m always on the lookout for something a little bit different to do, which can help me express my creative side, so receiving the Pott’dTM Home Air-Dry Clay Pottery Kit was an absolute treat and I couldn’t wait to give it a go!

The package arrived well wrapped, in an outer cardboard box. Inside the box I found another white and black cardboard box, with a lovely abstract design. The weight of the parcel was intriguing and upon opening I was pleasantly surprised to find everything I could possibly need to make my own pottery masterpieces (well that might be stretching it a bit!). Inside the box was:
• 2 large packs of eco-friendly air-dry clay (1kg each)
• A reusable fabric tool bag packed full of 1 x potter’s sponge and 5 x wooden pottery tools for sculpting, carving, shaping and cutting
• 1 x base coat
• 1 x gloss varnish
• 2 x bristle paint brushes (a large one for coverage and a finer one for detailed painting)
• a pack of 8 tubes of acrylic pastel coloured paint
• a step by step instruction pack to create a variety of masterpieces

There were 4 step-by-step instruction cards giving some inspiration of what pottery pieces I could make, including a plant pot, trinket dish, vase and pinch pot. Helpfully each card gave an indication of difficulty level, so as I am a pottery novice, I opted for the beginner’s level trinket dish first.

I’ll be honest, the finished article wasn’t massively aesthetically pleasing, although my son loved it and was full of praise for my abilities (he’s only 4, he doesn’t know any better). However, I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the clay and just losing myself in the creativity.

One of the brilliant things about the pack, is that the clay is air-dry. There is no need for it to be fired in a kiln, so it opens up the possibility of being creative to literally anyone. I left my masterpiece for a couple of days, until it was completely dry and then I covered it in the base coat, using the larger paint brush. It covered well and after about 30 minutes, I unleashed my son on the painting. He chose the colours he wanted and then set to making it look even more beautiful. The paint covered well and the colours were lovely. The following day, I used the gloss varnish and voila, my dish was finished.

The pack comes with different paint options, I received the pastel colours, but there are also regular, neon and glitter paints and even an option for no paint, which makes the pack a little cheaper (£30).

I was really impressed with how much clay was provided, they definitely didn’t skimp. The kit includes enough to make 8-10 average size pieces or 2-4 larger ones. The instruction cards tell you exactly how much you need to use for each, so it’s pretty straightforward. You can buy additional packs of clay for £12.

Everything in the pack was beautifully branded with the Pott’d logo. I checked the website to learn a little more about the company and discovered that the company was founded in 2021 by Frankie and Sascha who wanted to find something different to fill their evening, that was creative, fun and relaxing and that they could do together. I think mission accomplished! They are even holding events for the elderly and vulnerable, bringing people together to get creative, which I think is fabulous.

The pack is absolutely brilliant and at RRP of £34, I personally think it’s excellent value for money for what you get. If you sign up on the Pott’dTM website, you can get 10% off your first order, plus free delivery. What’s not to love about an offer like that.

I think the pack is perfect for so many occasions – fun with friends, date nights, baby showers, hen nights and time to yourself and is absolutely perfect for any level from beginners to advanced.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £34

This product can be purchased from the Pott’s website here.

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