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Orchard Toys Games Review


Reviewed by Sarah Rose

I received a wonderful collection of Orchard Toys games to review.  They are my first snakes and ladders, hungry little penguins and unicorn fun.

(Hungry little penguins) aimed at age 3+ 2-4 players two ways to play, work together to fill the board before the seal moves to the water or play against each other to fill your card with fish. This game is designed to develop matching and memory skills, encourage observation skills and develop personal and social skills. The game has big bold colourful pictures , characters are really cute ,the board is a jigsaw so fun to set up too. Instructions are easy to use and with pictures children were able to help to learn how to play reading themselves too . The counters are 3d characters ,four different colours and my children wouldn’t pack away until we had all been every colour.Really enjoyable to play even as a adult as nice and simple and don’t go on for to long for younger ones to start to get bored.

Game 2 (my first snakes and ladders) aimed at age 3-6, 2-4 players. Again jigsaw puzzle board to put together so while the kids are putting together us adults can make a cuppa lol.  Big bold and bright pictures.  Very eye catching.  This game is designed to develop number and counting skills, encourage group play and turn taking.  This can be a very boring game to look at normally but this is wonderful the snakes are so bright and bold and lots more to look at so making waiting your turn easier as keeping my little ones mind occupied with all the things to look at on the board. last but not least the favourite in my house and any unicorn lover.

Game 3 .(unicorn fun).  This game is for age 4-8 and again 2-4 players.  This one is 3 in 1 games, so amazing value.   The main game has 3d playing pieces and a 3d rainbow.  Build up your unicorn while going round the board, land on a star build a piece on your UNICORN, land on a heart nominate the next player to collect a piece for their unicorn and if you land on an ogre you loose a piece from your UNICOR.  Once your unicorn board is full go to the start of the rainbow use the spinner.  Happy cloud move on one space.  Sad cloud move back one.  Get across the rainbow to win.
 Game 2 is another twist on snakes and ladders, happy cloud being the ladders and sad cloud would be the snakes.  Game 3 is just told dice and build your unicorn card.   All these games have been brilliant, especially for one of my children who has autism and adhd.  All she has wanted to do now is play these games which has been great as usually her comfort is her phone or tablet watching and listening to while she plays with her toys but with these games her whole focus has been on the games so a win for me.


Find all these games and many more at These games are £12 so amazing price. Hope to review and buy more in the future.

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