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Vileda Infinity Flex Extendable Airer Review


If you order direct from the official Vileda on line shop, then delivery is free when you spend over £30, and arrives next day if ordered before 2pm. A large rectangle box arrived by post. I was initially surprised by the size of the airer, but it is XXL after all. When folded down it stands around 3ft high and slim enough to store away in a tall cupboard or behind a door.

The legs fold out and so do the wings, once you flip a handy clasp that keep the wings in place. At this stage it does feel big and when the telescopic bars are at it s impressive full size, it is huge. My initial thoughts were that it is too big for the average home, however the more I use it the more I can see the benefits.

There are several stages or positions that the Infinity Flex can be used at. Once the legs are put up, you can have just the horizontal bars in use, great for drying tops, the wings at this point can be folded over the top, so they are out of the way. You could then opt to have the horizontal bars fully extended or to a size that your space will allow. The telescopic bars can extend to 2 metres in length, this is ideal for drying bedding, again you can choose to keep the wings folded over the top, this would also help keep your laundry in place should the wind get up if drying outside. Vileda say that it can be used outside but should not be left out and should be kept dry. And then the wings can be used at both the above stages, you can have either one side or both wings in use, the main advantage of the wings is that they give more height, perfect for drying longer garments, such as dresses or trousers.

There are a couple of extra useful features that may come in handy, a small-item hangers for socks and underwear, I also used this for securing clothes on clothes hangers. The legs are sturdy and have non slip feet on one side and two small wheels on the other making it easy to move position, even with a full wash load on.

I have a fairly long kitchen and a wide pathway in my garden, so I do think I will make good use of this extra-large drying space, I will also use it at our caravan to ensure we have clean bedding when we return. I think it is perfect for a big family or if you tend to allow your laundry to accumulate and then like to have one big wash day. If you are very limited on space then perhaps this wouldn’t be the best option. But if you do have the space then it’s a great item to own and will help keep the rest of the house laundry free.

Rating: 5/5

RRP:  £69.99

This product can be purchased from the Vileda website here.

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